10 Interesting Alfred Wegener Facts

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Alfred Wegener Facts give the readers an insight about a German polar researcher. He was born on November 1st, 1880 and died in November 1930. His full name was Alfred Lothar Wegener. He was also known as a meteorologist and geophysicist. The accomplishment of Wegener was related to his polar research and meteorology. Let us find out other interesting facts about Wegener below:

Alfred Wegener Facts 1: the theory of continental drift

In 1912, Wegener created a hypothesis related to the theory of continental drift. People remind him as its pioneer. He believed that the continents were drifted around earth.

Alfred Wegener Facts 2: a controversial hypothesis

Until 1950, the hypothesis of Wegener related to the theory of continental drift was controversial. The people did not accept it. Today, it is used as the primary basis for a model of plate tectonics.

Alfred Wegener Image

Alfred Wegener Image

Alfred Wegener Facts 3: expeditions

He studied polar air circulation by participating in a number of expeditions to Greenland.

Alfred Wegener Facts 4: the birthplace

The birthplace of Wegener was located in Berlin. He was from a family of clergyman. There were five kids in the family. He was the youngest one. Richard Wegener was his father who worked at Berlinisches Gymnasium zum Grauen Kloster for teaching classical languages. He was also known as a theologian. Find facts about Alfred Deakin here.

Alfred Wegener Facts

Alfred Wegener Facts

Alfred Wegener Facts 5: a manor house of his family

A former manor house located near Rheinsberg was turned by his family into a vacation home after they bought it in 1886. Nearby the building, it features a tourist information office and Alfred Wegener Memorial site.

Alfred Wegener Facts 6: education

Wegener was educated in Berlin at Köllnisches Gymnasium on Wallstrasse. Then he went to Berlin, Heidelberg and Innsbruck to study Physics, meteorology and Astronomy. He served as an assistant at Urania astronomical observatory in 1902 until 1903.

Alfred Wegener Pic

Alfred Wegener Pic

Alfred Wegener Facts 7: a doctorate degree

He earned as a doctorate degree in astronomy from Friedrich Wilhelms University in 1905. Julius Bauschinger supervised him when writing his dissertation. Get facts about Alexander Calder here.

Alfred Wegener Facts 8: the first expedition

Wegener had four expeditions to reach Greenland. The first one took place in 1906. Dane Ludvig Mylius-Erichsen was the leader of the expedition.

Facts about Alfred Wegener

Facts about Alfred Wegener

Alfred Wegener Facts 9: the activities in the first expedition

Wegener had the job to do meteorological measurement by using kites and tethered balloons.

Alfred Wegener Facts 10: University of Marburg

Wegener was employed by University of Marburg as a lecturer in meteorology, applied astronomy and cosmic physics in 1908 until the First World War.

Alfred Wegener 1930

Alfred Wegener 1930

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