10 Interesting William Paley Facts

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You will get the interesting story about the famous English clergyman on William Paley Facts. Paley was born in July 1743 and died on May 25, 1805. He was also known as a philosopher, Christian apologist and utilitarian. The most notable work of Paley was Natural Theology or Evidences of the Existence and Attributes of the Deity. The birthplace of Paley was located in Peterborough, England. He attended Giggleswick School. His father was the headmaster in that school.  Let us find out more facts about Paley below:

William Paley Facts 1: the higher education

Paley had his higher education at Christ’s College, Cambridge.  He became a senior wrangler in 1763 after graduation. In 1766, he was a fellow. He served as the tutor of his college in 1768.

William Paley Facts 2: lectures

The high profiles students of Paley included John Locke, Joseph Butler and Samuel Clarke. He provided systematic course on moral philosophy to them. Find facts about William McKinley here.

William Paley Image

William Paley Image

William Paley Facts 3:  other work

His lectures on systematic course were as the base for New Testament and Principles of Moral and Political Philosophy.

William Paley Facts 4: the support to American colonies

During the revolutionary war, Paley had his supports for the American colonies. He believed that it would destroy the institution of slavery.

William Paley Facts

William Paley Facts

William Paley Facts 5: the career

During his life, Paley had earned a number of posts. He got the rectory of Musgrave in Westermorland in 1776. In 1780, he was appointed as vicar of Dalston. He got the post as Archdeacon of Carlisle in 1782.

William Paley Facts 6: the Law family

Paley had a close relation with the Law family. They helped him to negotiate with the publisher when he wanted to publish his lectures after leaving Cambridge.

William Paley Pic

William Paley Pic

William Paley Facts 7: Edmund Law

Paley was suggested by Edmund Law to write a book of moral philosophy with politician philosophy. However, Paley was reluctant with Law’s idea. Check facts about William Penn here.

William Paley Facts 8: The Principles of Moral and Political Philosophy

Though he was reluctant to add the political philosophy, he published it with the title The Principles of Moral and Political Philosophy in 1785.

William Paley

William Paley

William Paley Facts 9: slavery

Paley was against slavery. He wanted to abolish this practice. He used the book to show his rejection on slavery.

William Paley Facts 10: the first essay

The first essay of Paley was Truth of the Scripture History of St Paul. It focused on Christian apologetics.

Facts about William Paley

Facts about William Paley

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