10 Interesting Francis Bacon Facts

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One of the most important figures in Elizabethan era is seen in Francis Bacon facts. This man is famous not only as a scientist, but also as a historian, statesman and cryptologist. Find out the complete facts about this man below:

Francis Bacon Facts 1: date of birth

Now let’s see the date of birth of Francis Bacon. He was born on January 22nd, 1561 in York House, The strand London, England.

Francis Bacon Facts 2: marriage

His spouse was Alice Barnham. Both lived in Gorhambury in Herfordshire.

Francis Bacon Art

Francis Bacon Art

Francis Bacon Facts 3: death

It was a sad moment when Bacon died because of pneumonia.  This contraction occurred when he made a test on his theory of properties on April 9th, 1626.

Francis Bacon Facts 4: father

Sir Francis Bacon was a notable man in England. He came from a good family. His father was the Lord keeper of the Seal. His name was Sir Nickolas Bacon.

Francis Bacon Facts

Francis Bacon Facts

Francis Bacon Facts 5: Lady Anne Cooke

Another family connection that Sir Bacon had was Lady Anne Cooke. She was the sister in law of Lord Burghley or Sir William Cecil. This intellectual woman was the daughter of the Sir Antony Cooke who worked as the tutor for the Tudor royal family.

Francis Bacon Facts 6: career

Francis Bacon who grew up in a notable family was lucky since he could be what he wanted to be. He had a wide array of careers. He became a cryptologist, historian, scientist, statesman and lawyer.

Francis Bacon Pic

Francis Bacon Pic

Francis Bacon Facts 7: education

Until the age 12 years old, he studied at home.  When he enrolled in Trinity College Cambridge, he decided to learn about Law by entering the Gray’s Inn located in London.

Francis Bacon Facts 8: titles

Due to his wonderful talent and knowledge, Sir Francis bacon had several tiles. This protestant man was also called as Lord Chancellor of England, the Viscount St. Albans, and Lord Verulam.

Francis Bacon Style

Francis Bacon Style

Francis Bacon Facts 9: mysteries

There are several unsolved mysteries in the life of Sir Francis Bacon that people still assume till date.  The first one is about the parentage. Some people believe that he was the son of Queen Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley.

Francis Bacon Facts 10: William Shakespeare

Some people also debated on the William Shakespeare’s identity. Some people believed that he was the author of the plays credited by the name William Shakespeare.

Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon

Talking about his personal characters, some historians state that he was an arrogant, ambitious, intelligent, calculating and cold man. Are you fascinated with facts about Sir Francis Bacon?

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