10 Interesting Harold Holt Facts

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Harold Holt facts are useful for those who want to learn about politician. There are many things that you don’t know exactly about this person. The facts below can really become your basic to learn about this man. So, let’s start to discuss below.

Harold Holt Facts 1: who is he?

People will recognize this man as prime minister of Australia. Harold Edward Holt was born at Stanmore, Sydney, on 5 August 1908. This fact is the basic if you want to learn any other facts related to him. Any of you need to know about this.

Harold Holt Facts 2: family

Harold Holt actually is the elder son of Thomas James Holt. His father was a school teacher. His mother is Olive May. Both his father and mother were born in Australia.

Harold Holt facts

Harold Holt facts

Harold Holt Facts 3: education

Next fact is about the education. Harold began his education at Randwick Public School. Later he boarded briefly at Abbotsholme, Killara. In here, he met William McMahon who later became future colleague and prime minister.

Harold Holt Facts 4: Wesley Preparatory School

He and his brother Cliff were sent to board at Wesley Preparatory School in Melbourne. It was in his age of 11 when he ended unsettled years.

Harold Holt Images

Harold Holt Images

Harold Holt Facts 5: matriculation

Harold Holt had completed his matriculation at Wesley College. The purpose is to excel more as the sportsman and also theatricals.

Harold Holt Facts 6: solicitor

He also recognized that Harold Holt also had tried a sole practice as the solicitor. It was in the year 1933.

Harold Holt Pic

Harold Holt Pic

Harold Holt Facts 7: friends

He had gained many theatrical and political friends including Robert Menzies and also Mabel Brookes. Halt later joined the Young Nationalists and in 1934 within the Federal elections, he stood against James Scullin in the Labor stronghold.

Harold Holt Facts 8:  parliament

He used the parliament in 1937 as the forum in advocating national physical fitness. Later on 26 April 1939 he joined the first government of Menzies. He became a minister without any portfolio. The role was to assist supply minister and trade & customs minister.

Harold Holt Young

Harold Holt Young

Harold Holt Facts 9: disloyalty

He once agonized over and supported the ousting of his mentor. This was considered to be disloyalty of his act toward Menzies.

Harold Holt Facts 10: sports

He also loved many sports including tennis, golf, and also spear-fishing.

Harold Holt

Harold Holt

The facts about Harold Holt can be the additional knowledge about you. There are more people who have become so much interested in how to get know more about him. For further info, you can use internet to do the review.

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