10 Interesting Yawning Facts

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A reflex conducted by human beings and animals, which involve the simultaneous inhalation of air, is explained on Yawning Facts.  The exhalation of breath also takes place after it. In the medical world, people often call it oscitation. This reflex takes place after and before you are sleeping in most adults. Why don’t you check the following post below for details about yawning?

Yawning Facts 1: the association

When people yawn, it is assumed that they are in the state of hunger, boredom, sleepiness, stress or tiredness.

Yawning Facts 2: the trigger of yawning

Other yawning may trigger yawning in human being.  You will yawn when you see a person talking to you is yawning.

Facts about Yawning

Facts about Yawning

Yawning Facts 3: the contagious yawning

The species of animals, which also have contagious yawning, are reptiles, birds, cats, dogs and chimpanzees. Get facts about nose here.

Yawning Facts 4: the reasons of yawning

There is not exact function of yawning. However, the scholars have proposed 20 psychological reasons why this act occurs.

Yawning Animal

Yawning Animal

Yawning Facts 5: the act of stretching

The act of stretching on the back, shoulders, neck and arm usually also occur to accompany yawning.

Yawning Facts 6:  the study of yawning

The study of yawning finds out that this act takes place when the level of carbon dioxide is high in the blood. Therefore, yawning is conducted for the influx of oxygen.

Yawning PIc

Yawning PIc

Yawning Facts 7: the oxygen intake

If you compare the of oxygen intake between the normal respiration and yawning, the latter one has decreased oxygen intake.

Yawning Facts 8: the alerted animals

The animals in a group will be kept alert when contagious yawning occurs. Check facts about tongue here.



Yawning Facts 9: other reasons

Yawning is also associated with other reasons. One possible reason of this act is related to the nervousness. It also increases the alertness of a person. Before the paratroopers exit the aircraft, they usually yawn. One study proposes that yawning is one way to regulate the temperature of our brain. Another hypothesis states that it is a mean to control the temperature of the body.

Yawning Facts 10: the frequency of yawning

The frequency of yawning is increased when a person has opioid withdrawal. The patients who consume Celex or Paxil also exhibit higher level of yawning.  Over the course of history, yawning is also associated with social function. People will yawn to show empathy when others are yawning.

Yawning Facts

Yawning Facts

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