10 Interesting Contact Lense Facts

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The positive and negative of wearing contact lense can be seen in contact lense facts. With the development of technology and science, people do not have to use any glasses anymore. They can be free from this metal frame by wearing contact lenses. The people who want to have a new color on their eyes can have this lens too:

Contact Lense Facts 1: cornea

When you use contact lenses, it means that you rest them on the cornea.  So what is cornea? It is the outer space of the eyes which has clear look.

Contact Lense Facts 2: colors

There are many colors of contact lenses that you can wear. You can have the lenses in blue, green, grey, black, brown, purple or even red. If you want to look good when wearing contact lenses, choose the ones which can blend well with your skin color.

Contact Lense colors

Contact Lense colors

Contact Lense Facts 3: lubrication

There is no need to worry about the effect of contact lenses. This item is very easy to use. You just have to put it on your eyes. When your eyelid blinds, it will glide and move. The lubrication is natural because the movement of the lenses can produce tears.

Contact Lense Facts 4: an optical medical device

Contact lenses are not only used for decorative purposes. It can be used for optical medical devise. The people with astigmatism, hyperopia, myopia and reading problems can wear it to correct the problem.

Contact Lense effect

Contact Lense effect

Contact Lenses Facts 5: clear vision

You can enjoy a clear vision when wearing contact lense. You just have to put the lenses on the cornea. These lenses will make the light to focus on your retina.

Contact Lense Facts 6: replacement of contact lenses

If you want to maintain the health of eyes, you need to replace the contact lenses frequently. You can find the replacement if you find out that they are lost or torn.

Contact Lense facts

Contact Lense facts

Contact Lense Facts 7: eyeglasses

It is no recommended for you to use the contact lenses all of the time. To make sure that your eyes are reoxygenated, you need to replace it with eye glasses once a week.

Contact Lense Facts 8: overworn contact lenses

There are several symptoms that you need to notice when people are affected by the over worn effect of contact lenses. Some of them include the appearance of halos around the light, blurred vision, dryness and burning eyes.

Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

Contact Lense Facts 9: corneal problems and infections

If you find any fatal condition, it is better for you to consult the doctor to avoid any corneal problems and infections. You can also have a follow up care for better anticipation.

Contact Lense Facts 10: schedule for replacement

Don’t forget to notice the schedule for the contact lenses replacement. You can have it every once in a month or even two weeks depending on the product.

Contact Lense

Contact Lense

When you want to sleep, don’t forget to release the contact lenses. Are you satisfied with facts about contact lenses?

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