10 Interesting the Nose Facts

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A part of human face is explained on The Nose Facts. The nostrils are located on the protruding part of the nose. The upper and lower lateral cartilages, the septal cartilages and nasal bones will determine the nose shape. If we talk about the size of nose, the females usually have smaller size of nose than males. The nose contains hairs. They are very important for the large particles will be filtered by the hairs. Find out other interesting facts about the nose below:

The Nose Facts 1: smelling

Most people always associate the function of nose for smelling.  The area responsible for this function is located as a part of the olfactory system. Find facts about female body here.

The Nose Facts 2: another function of nose

Can you mention another function of nose? It is not only used to smell but also to condition the inhaled air. When the air is in the nose, it will be humid and warm.

human nose

human nos

The Nose Facts 3: sneezing

When the nasal mucosa is irritated by the foreign particles, sneezing will occur. It is not common to sneeze caused by the touching of external auditory canal and sudden exposure from the bright light.

The Nose Facts 4: infection

When you sneeze, it will better to cover it using your hands since the aerosols produced may contain microbes in the droplets. They can infect the healthy people.

nose images

nose images

The Nose Facts 5: nosebleed

Nosebleed is considered as the most common medical condition which affects the nose. It is called epistaxis in medicine. The condition usually takes place is Little’s area or Kiesselbach’s area.

The Nose Facts 6: Nasal congestion

If there is any inflammation or infection on the nose, the nasal congestion is considered as the primary sign. It can be a sign for some medical conditions like vasomotor rhinitis or allergic rhinitis. It may lead into the lost of smell or anosmia.

nose image

nose image

The Nose Facts 7:  nose and health

Nose is very prone to health condition due to the foreign particles. Frostbite is one of the susceptible conditions which can affect the nose. The respiratory distress can be a sign of having nose flaring.

The Nose Facts 8: damages on the nose

The damages on the nose can be the side effect of certain infection, diseases and other health condition like skin cancer, leprosy, syphilis, and tuberculosis. Find facts about the lymphatic system here.

nose pictures

nose pictures

The Nose Facts 9: rhinoplasty

One way to change the appearance of nose is by having a cosmetic surgery called rhinoplasty.

The Nose Facts 10: nose piercing

Another common way to decorate the nose is by having nose piercing on the bridge, septum or nostril.

facts about nose

facts about nose

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