10 Interesting Teeth Facts

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Teeth Facts give you interesting information about the function of human teeth. Before the food is swallowed and digested, it will be cut and crushed using the teeth inside the mouth. The human teeth are available in four types. Those are premolars, canines, incisors and molars. Get other interesting facts about teeth below:

Teeth Facts 1: the formation of teeth

There are two sets of teeth that human being has in their lives.  When the human beings are still babies, they have 20 teeth as the first set. The second set features 32 teeth. In most cases, when human beings are at the age of 6 to 12 years old, the baby teeth will be replaced by the adult teeth.

Teeth Facts 2: the functions of the teeth

Let’s find out the functions of human teeth. The molars are used to grind food, while the canines are used to hold and tear the food apart. The food will be bitten into pieces by using the incisors. The premolars are used to crush the food.

Teeth Image

Teeth Image

Teeth Facts 3: enamel

Enamel covers the entire teeth. It is the hard substance which gives full protection on the teeth.

Teeth Facts 4: braces

The people who have bad teeth can use braces. The tool is functioned to align and straighten the teeth.

Teeth Pic

Teeth Pic

Teeth Facts 5: cavities

The people who never treat the teeth will develop cavities on the teeth.

Teeth Facts 6: the teeth root

The teeth root is located at the lower jaw or mandible and upper jaw or maxilla. The gums cover the teeth root. The hardness and density of the multiples tissues of the teeth are different. Get fact about taste here.

Teeth Facts

Teeth Facts

Teeth Facts 7: the first set of teeth

The first set of teeth owned by human is called the deciduous, primary, milk or baby set.  The baby has the first set of teeth when he or she is six months old.

Teeth Facts 8: dental trauma

One of the tooth problems is seen on dental trauma. The trauma is experienced by the people on the lips, teeth and periodontium. If you are interested to study more about dental trauma, you need to check dental traumatology. Find facts about skeleton here.

Teeth Pictures

Teeth Pictures

Teeth Facts 9: plaque

Plaque is another problem for human teeth. There are various bacteria located at the plaque of teeth. The people have to remove the plaque regularly to avoid gingivitis.

Teeth Facts 10: cavities

The tooth decay is called as cavities or dental caries. The structure of the teeth will be damaged if the person has this infectious disease.



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