10 Interesting Stomach Facts

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Find out an important organ in the human body in Stomach Facts. The main function of stomach is for the digestive system.  Stomach has the hollow and muscular shape inside the human body. The animals such as insects, echinoderms, molluscs and vertebrates also have stomach to serve the digestive system. Here are some interesting facts about stomach for you:

Stomach Facts 1: the location of stomach

Let’s find out the location of the stomach in most vertebrates. You can find it located between the small intestine and esophagus.

Stomach Facts 2: the food digestion

The food digestion happens in the stomach when this organ produces gastric acid and proteases. Both are the protein digestive enzymes which are used to digest the food inside the stomach. The muscular construction also occurs in the stomach.

Stomach Anatomy

Stomach Anatomy

Stomach Facts 3: stomach and other organs

You can find pancreas located behind the stomach. The diaphragm is located against the top of the stomach.

Stomach Facts 4: the parasympathetic and orthosympathetic plexuses

You can find orthosympathetic and parasympathetic plexuses around the stomach. They are very important since they will control the muscular motor activity and secretion activity.

Stomach Image

Stomach Image

Stomach Facts 5: the relaxed stomach

The near empty volume of the stomach of an adult human being is around 45 to 75 milliliters when the stomach is relaxed. But it can accommodate up to one litre of food since the stomach is expandable. Find facts about muscular system here.

Stomach Facts 6: the new born baby

The new born baby can only accommodate the volume of food around 30 milliliters.

Stomach Facts

Stomach Facts

Stomach Facts 7: the sections of stomach based on the classical anatomy

There are four sections that stomach has based on the classical anatomy. Those are the cardia, fundus, body and pylorus. The content located inside the esophagus will be emptied in the cardia. The central area of the stomach is the body.

Stomach Facts 8: the absorption

There are several molecules absorbed in the stomach. Those include the medications like aspirin and amino acids. When the body is dehydrated, the water will be absorbed in the stomach.

Stomach Pic

Stomach Pic

Stomach Facts 9: the infection

Helicobacter pylori infection is believed to cause the stomach cancer, gastritis and peptic ulcers. Get facts about respiration here.

Stomach Facts 10: the surgery

Cardiactomy is the term used to call the surgery to remove the cardia area. Gastrectomy is used to call the surgical removal of stomach. When the people have the severe perforation and gastric cancer, the Gastrectomy may be conducted by the physician.



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