10 Interesting the Female Body Facts

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The Female Body Facts present the information about shape of women’s body. It can be seen from the distribution of fat and muscle in the body as well as the skeletal structure of the body. Women consider their body as an asset because it is often associated with reproduction, sexual attraction, fertility as well as aesthetic pleasure. Check other interesting facts about female body below:

The Female Body Facts 1: the common shape of female body

The female body can be seen on the shape of hips, bust and waist. The waist usually is narrower than the hips and bust. The inflection points of female body are seen from the hips, waist and bust.

The Female Body Facts 2: estrogen and female body

The female body is deeply affected by estrogen. The estrogen level in women is higher even though men also have estrogen. During the reproductive age, women have high level of estrogen. Get facts about skin here.

Facts about The Female Body

Facts about The Female Body

The Female Body Facts 3: the importance of estrogen

Estrogen is not only important in the reproductive system. It also helps the women to build the secondary traits. The growth of hips and breasts is caused by the production of estrogen. The hip is wider, while the breasts are bigger during puberty.

The Female Body Facts 4: testosterone

Testosterone and estrogen act differently. The muscle development is increase while the breast development is inhibited if the women have higher level of testosterone than estrogen.

The Female Body and Fashion

The Female Body and Fashion

The Female Body Facts 5: pregnancy

When the women are pregnant, the level of estrogen will enhance rapidly. There are several body changes on the pregnant women. Due to the presence of prolactin hormone and rise of estrogen, the breasts are firm. During the menopause, the size of breast will be reduced because the estrogen level is low. Get facts about female reproductive system here.

The Female Body Facts 6: the storage

The thigh, hip and buttock are the storage for fat caused by the presence of estrogen. This hormone is also functioned to increase the bone formation, decrease the muscle mass and enhance the metabolism level.

The Female Body

The Female Body

The Female Body Facts 7: the waist

The waist will be filled with fat as it migrates from thighs, hips and buttocks when the women are in menopause. Then it will fill the abdomen.

The Female Body Facts 8: the shape of female body

There are several shapes of female body based on the circumference of hip, waist and bust. It can be hourglass, inverted triangle, spoon and rectangular.

The Female Body Facts

The Female Body Facts

The Female Body Facts 9: the hourglass shape

The hourglass shape is considered as the most proportional body shape for women. However, it only occurs on 8 percent of women.

The Female Body Facts 10: the study of female body shape

In 2005, North Carolina State University conducted researches on 6,000 women related to the body shape. More than 20 percent of them had spoon shape, while the rectangular one occupies 46 percent.

The Female Body Pic

The Female Body Pic

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