10 Interesting the Tongue Facts

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The Tongue Facts will talk about a muscular organ located in our mouth. Tongue holds important jobs when swallowing or even manipulating foods for mastication.  The tongue is always included as a part of the digestive system.  The myriad lingual papillae are located on the taste buds of the dorsum or the upper surface of tongue. In the gustatory system, tongue receives the status as a major organ of taste. Let us get other interesting facts about the tongue below:

The Tongue Facts 1: the moist surface

Tongue has a moist surface due to the production of saliva.  The blood vessels and nerve supply the tongue. It is also sensitive.

The Tongue Facts 2: other functions of tongue

For human being, tongue plays an important part for the speech.  The tongue is also used to clean the teeth naturally.

the tongue facts

the tongue facts

The Tongue Facts 3: the part of human tongue

There are two parts of human tongue. The back features the pharyngeal part. The front has the oral part. Check facts about the nose here.

The Tongue Facts 4: the muscles of the tongue

The tongue features two groups of muscles. The shape of the tongue is changed by the four intrinsic muscles for they are not attached to the bone. On the other hand, the position of the tongue is controlled by the four extrinsic muscles for they are attracted to the bone.

tongue pic

tongue pic

The Tongue Facts 5: the oral cavity

Do you know that the floor of the oral cavity was formed by the muscular hydrostat of the tongue?

The Tongue Facts 6: the visible part of human tongue

The visible part of human tongue is called the anterior oral part where it accounts for two-thirds of the tongue length.

tongue section

tongue section

The Tongue Facts 7: the posterior pharyngeal part

One-third of the tongue is composed of the posterior pharyngeal part. It is located near the throat.

The Tongue Facts 8: the length of human tongue

The length of human tongue is around 10 cm from the tip to the oropharynx.



The Tongue Facts 9: the weight of human tongue

The weight of female human tongue is around 60 gram. The male has around 70 gram of tongue. Get the Oesophagus Facts here.

The Tongue Facts 10: the disease or disorder

The tongue-tie or ankyloglossia is an example of tongue disorder which may affect the way the people swallow, eat and speech. Other diseases include the black hairy tongue, burning mouth syndrome, thrush and oral hairy leukoplakia.

facts about tongue

facts about tongue

What do you think on facts about the tongue?


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