10 Interesting Sperm Facts

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Sperm Facts talk about the male reproductive cells. The motile sperm cell is called as a spermatozoan, while the spermatium is used to call the non motile sperm cell. The life span of sperm is very limited. Moreover, you cannot divide the sperm cells.  A new organism will be developed after the sperm cells fusing with the egg cells during the fertilization process. Let’s find out more interesting facts about sperm below:

Sperm Facts 1: the haploid cell

To form a diploid cell, the female egg should fuse with the human sperm cell.  It is due to the fact that the human sperm cell is haploid. It only has 23 chromosomes.

Sperm Facts 2: the development of sperm cells

The sperm cells are developed inside the testicles. The penis will release the sperms. There is a trend to donate the sperm in the sperm banks. There are around 170 litres of sperms which can be held by the sperm banks.

Facts about Sperm

Facts about Sperm

Sperm Facts 3: the component of sperm

You can find a tail, a midpiece and a head inside the mammalian sperm cells.

Sperm Facts 4: the head of sperm

The nucleus is found inside the sperm’s head. The coiled chromatic fibres can be seen around the nucleus.  The head has the enzyme. The function is to penetrate inside the female egg.

Sperm Facts

Sperm Facts

Sperm Facts 5: the ATP production

The ATP production in the sperm is located in the midpiece for it has many mitochondria. The ATP will help the sperm to reach the female egg through the cervix.

Sperm Facts 6: the function of sperm tail

The tail of sperm is very important to propel the speed of sperm to reach the female egg.



Sperm Facts 7: the fertilization

The fertilization process happens when one sperm fuses with the female egg. Actually the semen has millions of sperm. But the female egg only accepts one sperm. Other millions of sperm will die. Check reproductive system facts here.

Sperm Facts 8: the survival time

The survival time for human sperm is only five days after coitus. The human semen contains sperm cells. The production of semen on the male body is located in the prostate gland, seminal vesicles and urethral glands.

Sperm Pic

Sperm Pic

Sperm Facts 9: the quality of semen

The semen quality is viewed from the quality and quantity of semen. It is used to find out the level of fertility of men.

Sperm Facts 10: age

Age is an important factor which contributes to the volume, motility and genetic quality of sperm. All of them will reduce when the male ages. Get facts about male reproductive system here.

Sperm Picture

Sperm Picture

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