10 Interesting Immune System Facts

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Immune System facts can be the basic trigger for any of you in how to get acquainted with this good quality of health system. There are people who still don’t understand facts about immune system. Based on this reason, you the articles here can be your good information to apply.

Immune System Facts 1: a river of blood & lymph

The fact is that immune system is really a complex strategic system of fighting which is powered by 5 liters of lymph and also blood. Those two fluids may transport any different elements to do their jobs. Later, the immune system will be comprised of the bone marrow, skin, spleen, skin, antibodies, and others.

Immune System Facts 2: white knight cells

If it is about immune system, you need to know about white cells. People often call it as knight cells as well. They may charge to battle if there is any sign of trouble. A single blood contain up to 25,000 white blood cells.

Immune System And Infection

Immune System And Infection

Immune System Facts 3: natural killer cells

The natural killer cells may seek out cells having abnormal membranes outside covers especially tumor cells. If those cells spot anything that they don’t like, they may kill them on contact. These killer cells actually the good guys.

Immune System Facts 4: fever and inflammation

You need to know about fever as well as inflammation. They are unpleasant symptoms yet they are good signs because your body conducts its job. Fever releases the white blood cells which may increase metabolism. It also stops any organism from multiplying.

Immune System Cells

Immune System Cells

Immune System Facts 5: sleep

You need to gain proper sleep. At least, you require 5 hours of sleeping each day. If you are not, the immune system will be depressed. It may leave you to prone suffering from infection, colds, flu, and others.

Immune System Facts 6: Sun

Sun exposure will be good for any of you as well. It is because your body can naturally produce vitamin D. Yet, too much sun exposure may temporary cause damage to your immune system.

Immune System facts

Immune System facts

Immune System Facts 7: Stress

You need to know that stress can really damage your immune system. It will be bad if you for you. When you suffer from stress, cortisol hormone will be released indeed.

Immune System Facts 8:  laughter

Laughter is the best medicine. It releases dopamine which is the good chemical in the brain. It can help in reducing stress actually.

Immune System Parts

Immune System Parts

Immune System Facts 9: pumping iron

You need to be attentive when you conduct exercise at gym. It can really make you prone to stress and decreased immune system.

Immune System Facts 10: germs

In fact, people may require germs to stay healthy. Your gut has tons of bacteria which may help you to digest food.

Immune System

Immune System

To learn facts about Immune System, you can also read many textbooks out there. In fact, internet can be your good source of information as well.

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