10 Interesting Worm Facts

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If you want to know an animal, which does not have any limb, check worm facts. The body has the log cylindrical tube shape. It has varied size. The smaller ones include bristle worm, which has the length of 3.3 feet or 1 metre. The bigger one reaches the length of 22 feet or 6.7 meters represented by Microchaetus or African giant earthworm. The bootlace worm may reach the length of 190 feet or 58 metres. Let us get other interesting facts about worms by reading the below post:

Worm Facts 1: the place of living

A number of worms live as a parasitic animal. Thus, they can be found inside the bodies of other animals. The free-living ones inhabit the underground area, freshwater and marine areas. It is not common to find worms on land.

Worm Facts 2: the term

The term worm is taken from wyrm derived from the Old English. Most of them are invertebrates.

worm image

worm image

Worm Facts 3: the invertebrates

Annelids, platyhelminthes, nematodes, insect larvae, Chaetognatha, and marine nemertean worms are the worms included in invertebrates.  Look at facts about glowworms here.

Worm Facts 4: helminths

Have you ever heard about helminthes? The term is used to call the worm, which has something to do with parasitic feature in the medical world.  The intestine might be affected by parasitic worms such as tapeworms and roundworms.



Worm Facts 5:  the animal species

Cats and fish are the common animal species, which might be infected by lungworms. The tapeworms and roundworms typically affect the human.

Worm Facts 6: division of worms

Worms are divided into a number of groups. They are Platyhelminthes, Nematoda, and Annelida. The latter one is defined according to the rings or segments that the body has. The members of annelid include bristle worms and earthworms.



Worm Facts 7: Nematoda

The members of Nematoda include roundworms, threadworms and hookworms. Most of them have microscopic size. The length of a vinegar eelworm only reaches 3 feet or 1 metre. You can find them living in the saltwater, freshwater and damp area. Get facts about wholly mammoth here.

Worm Facts 8: roundworms

The parasitic one is roundworm. An instance of these parasitic worms is the guinea worm. The people who occupy the tropical regions are often infected by this worm under the skin of legs and feet.



Worm Facts 9: Platyhelminthes

The members of Platyhelminthes include flukes, tapeworms and flatworms.

Worm Facts 10: Eupolymnia crasscornis

The common name of Eupolymnia crasscornis is the spaghetti worm distributed in Puerto Rico and Florida Keys. It is included in Annelid.

Worm Facts

Worm Facts

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