10 Interesting Woodlice Facts

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Get the interesting information about an isopod crustacean on woodlice facts. Most of them are active when the night comes. The dead plant material is the primary food for woodlice. It has more than 5,000 species under the order Isopoda and suborder Oniscidea. The defensive mechanism of woodlice is spotted when it rolls the body into a sphere. There is no need to wonder that it is called as a roll-poly or pill bug. Why don’t you check the whole post below for details about woodlice?

Woodlice Facts 1: the common names

Woodlice have various common names cited according to the regions in the English-speaking world.

Woodlice Facts 2: the names

The names of woodlice are mostly associate the animals with a pig or even name it due to their rolling ability.

Woodlice Pictures

Woodlice Pictures

Woodlice Facts 3:  the examples of common name

In Newfoundland, Canada, woodlice are called boat-builder. In Reading, England, people call it cheese log. The people who live in Melbourne, Australia often call it butchy boy or butcher boy.  The people who live in Cornwall, England often call it gramersow. Get facts about glowworms here.

Woodlice Facts 4: other names

Woodlice also have other names such as doodlebug, carpenter, pill bug, slater, potato bug, chiggy pig, and potato bug.

Woodlice Facts

Woodlice Facts

Woodlice Facts 5:  moult

It faces two stages when moulting. The first lost part of the body is the back part. Then the front part will lose after two or three days.

Woodlice Facts 6: the fertilized eggs

The fertilized eggs are kept inside a marsupium of female woodlice. The asexual reproduction is also conducted by the females.



Woodlice Facts 7: unpleasant taste

The report finds out that woodlice have the unpleasant taste. It reminds them with the strong taste of urine.

Woodlice Facts 8: habitat

Woodlice like to live in the dark and damp places. There is no need to wonder that they can be found under the logs and rocks. They have to live in damp places to keep the moist body.  Some woodlice have to return to the water.

Woodlice Image

Woodlice Image

Woodlice Facts 9: prey

Woodlice are the primary prey for some insectivores. In some cases, woodlice are known as a pest due to their habit for consuming seedlings and strawberries. However, some people consider them as a beneficial animal. They control the pest and provide benefits for the garden. Check facts about African Wild Dog here.

Woodlice Facts 10: household pest

The presence of woodlice is disturbing in the household. It indicates that the house has a problem with dampness.

Facts about Woodlice

Facts about Woodlice

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