10 Interesting Dolphin Facts

Saturday, June 29th 2013. | Animals

The kids who like to learn more on about the aquatic animal can read the following dolphin Facts. Dolphin is a favorite animal for most kids and adults. This intelligent animal can bring a nice attraction when you go to the aqua marine park in the town. You can see them leaping, jumping and playing with ball. You can take picture with a dolphin as a souvenir. Here are some interesting facts about dolphin:

Dolphin Facts 1: Species

There are 32 species of marine dolphin that you can find on earth. Six types of them are included as porpoises, while four of them are considered as river dolphins. It is not easy for us to differentiate the porpoises and dolphin. But most dolphins have rounded cones in the jaws.

Dolphin Facts 2: Dolphin in Ancient Greek

Dolphin was considered as an important animal in ancient Greek. The people who killed it would be punished by a death penalty. Dolphin cannot be separated from the Greek God. Dolphin is seen in Apollo’s oracle called Delphi at Mount Parnassus.

Dolphin Facts

Dolphin Facts

Dolphin Facts 3: Delphi

The term dolphin is derived from the Greek language Delphi. It can be seen on an oracle called as Delphic Oracle. On the other hand, the term porpoises are derived from French language.

Dolphin Facts 4: Hair

Some dolphins have some hair that you can see on their head. If you don’t trust me you can scrutinize the Amazon River dolphin. It has the hair located on its beak. Check seal facts to know more about the aquatic animals.



Dolphin Facts 5: Dolphin in Roman Culture

The Roman people in the past believed that dolphin can deliver the soul safely to the Islands of Blest. It made sure that the human soul could travel the passage safely to the afterlife. You can see the picture in some Roman mummies.

Dolphin Facts 6: Nature of Dolphin

There are many famous philosophers who were touched by the nature of Dolphin. Some of them include Aristotle, Herodotus, Pliny, and Aelian. All of them stated that dolphin as a moral, friendly and compassionate animal.

dolphins jumping

dolphins jumping

Dolphin Facts 7: Swimming Dolphin

Dolphin is totally different than fish when it comes about the movement on the water. The dolphin will move their tail up and down to swim under the water. It can swim longer because it gets more oxygen in the blood.

Dolphin Facts 8: Dolphin Tears

Dolphin tears are the slippery secretion used by the animal to protect the eyes from any infection, irritation and other objects that might damage the sights. This animal can get the prefect sight above and below the water. But now dophins have lowered population becuase of water pollution on the ocean. Read water pollution facts to get more understanding.

Nice Dolphin

Nice Dolphin

Dolphin Facts 9: Communication

Dolphin has special way to communicate with other animals.  It can generate whistles to communicate. At the same time, a dolphin can produce click of sonar.

Dolphin Facts 10: Eating Habit

Dolphin likes eat fish a lot. Dolphin will need to eat 33 lbs. fish if it has the weight 260 lb.

Cute Dolphin

Cute Dolphin

Dolphin is a cute animal that you can view on the marine park with your family. You can read more facts about dolphin on your study books at home.

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