10 Interesting Garter Snake Facts

Friday, February 7th 2014. | Animals

Find out the detail information about garter snake facts in the following post below. Garter snake has the scientific name of Thamnophis sirtalis.  This animal can be seen living in the wild area or even in the captivity. If you are interested to know about the reproduction, color, habitat and life span of this reptile, read the following post below:

Garter Snake Facts 1: reproduction

The female garter snake is very productive. In a single litter, it can produce 70 up to 80 young garter snakes.

Garter Snake Facts 2: weight and length

The length of garter snake is around 46 to 137 cm.  In average, this snake has the weight around 150 gram.

Garter snake eating

Garter snake eating

Garter Snake Facts 3: life span

Garter snake living in the wild and captivity has different average life span. The one living in captivity has longer life span compared to the one in the wild area. The captive garter snake can live around 6 to 10 years old. The one in the wild can only live around 2 years.

Garter Snake Facts 4: appearance

Let’s talk about the appearance of Garter snake. This animal has different color and stripe. It depends on the region where the garter snake lives. However, most of them have three stripes. They are located on the center, back and one either side of the body.

garter snake facts

garter snake facts

Garter Snake Facts 5: color of the body

Let’s find out the color of garter snakes body. It can have green, white, yellow or even blue color.

Garter Snake Facts 6: stripes and pattern

Not all of garter snakes have patterns and stripes. But some of them may have dark spot or visible strip on the scales.

Garter Snake

Garter Snake

Garter Snake Facts 7: head, body and tongue

The tongue of garter snake comes in red and black color. This tongue is used by the snake to detect the prey. The body is very long and slithery. The head usually comes in dark color.

Garter Snake Facts 8: popping tongue

One of the most recognizable behaviors of garter snake is when it pops the tongue. This behavior is used to collect the chemical in the airs.

Garter Snakes

Garter Snakes

Garter Snake Facts 9: Jacobson’s organ

One of the most interesting organs that a snake has on the mouth is the Jacobson’s organ. It is located on the roof of the mouth.

Garter Snake Facts10: hibernation

Garter snake also comes in a process of hibernation.  It will live in natural holes or burrows from the end of October up to the beginning of April.



The common places to see garter snake is on the forest, marshes and field. It is very unlike to see this snake on the water area. Are you fascinated with facts about garter snake?

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