10 Interesting Puffin Facts

Saturday, July 6th 2013. | Animals

Puffin facts below give you more interesting explanation about this unique animal. Each animal is unique because their behaviors and characters are different. Puffin has a species name of Fratercula arctica. This animal is a poor flier even though it has wings. Here are more facts to make you surprise.

Puffin Facts 1: Height and Weight

Each puffin has different weight and height.  On average this animal has the weight around 500 grams and the height around 18 centimeters.

Puffin Facts 2: Life Span

Puffin has a long time life span. The animal approximately can live up to 20 years. Another flying animal is explained in blue jay facts.

Puffin Eats

Puffin Eats

Puffin Facts 3: Poor flier

As I have stated before, puffin is a poor flier. To stay airborne puffin needs to flap both wings at least 300 times.

Puffin Facts 4: Atlantic Puffin

The male species of puffin is Atlantic puffin. The animal has unique physical appearance. The size is like a pigeon. The bill comes in colorful yellow, blue, and orange. The feet are in vibrant orange. The head is black. The animal living in a sea is seen in jellyfish facts.

Puffin Facts

Puffin Facts

Puffin Facts 5: Underwater Animal

Even though it has wings, the animals are capable to swim underwater. The powerful wings with short and small body enable them to swim underwater easily.

Puffin Facts 6: Behavior

Puffin is not like the normal birds like blue jay or parrot. Their time is used to feed, dive and swim. The animal can hold the breath up to one minute when diving underwater to catch their prey.

Puffin in a Group

Puffin in a Group

Puffin Facts 7: Food

The sea bird likes to eat fish.  It can dive and catch 60 fish in one diving. In every trip, the animal can get 10 fish. The wings enable it to swim faster and catch the fish easily.

Puffin Facts 8: Burrow

In a year, the animal will live in a burrow to breed. It needs at least 4 up top 5 months for breeding. It will use a small burrow every season.



Puffin Facts 9: Waterproof Feathers

A sea bird puffin can adapt well in the cold temperature in the ocean. The feathers are made to keep them warm. When it dives in an ocean, it can reach the depth 20 feet or 60 meters. The wings will be flapped to swim under water.

Puffin Facts 10: Habitat of Atlantic Puffin

The well-known species of puffin is Atlantic puffin.  You can find them living around the North Atlantic Ocean.  If you want to see the Atlantic puffin breeding, you can go to the Canadian Arctic and the cost of Northeastern United States. Some of them can be seen in the Newfoundland.



Puffin can reach the speed up to 55 miles per hour or 88 kilometer per hour. The breeding occurs when the seabird has found a partner when it reaches the age around 3 up to years. The breeding season occurs from April to August. Do you want to know more facts about puffins?

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