10 Interesting Gastropods Facts

Saturday, February 8th 2014. | Animals

Gastropods facts give the information about one of the class in animal kingdom. The members of this class include sea hares, slugs, snails, and limpets. All of those animals are called gastropods. If you want to find out more about gastropods, see the following post below:

Gastropods Facts 1: species

Gastropod is considered as a diverse class. You can find many kinds of animals here. It is estimated that there 4,000 species of animals included in gastropods.  Most of them as mollusks.

Gastropods Facts 2: examples of gastropods

The most notable examples of gastropods include abalone, periwinkles, whelks, nudibranchs, limpets and conchs.

Gastropod Class

Gastropod Class

Gastropods Facts 3: shell less animals

Most of the animals included as a gastropods are shell less animals.  The animals which have one shell include limpets and snails. The animals which do not have any shells are sea hares and nudibranchs.

Gastropods Facts 4: the shell

Even though there are some gastropods do not have any shell, most of them have one shell.  The shell has several characteristics. Most of them usually are oiled. They can be right handed or even left handed.



Gastropods Facts 5: movement

Do you know the movement of gastropods? They can move with a muscular foot.

Gastropods Facts 6: classification

Let’s talk about the classification of gastropods. It is included in the kingdom animalia with the phylum Mollusca.

Gastropods Facts

Gastropods Facts

Gastropods Facts 7: form

Most gastropods have the asymmetrical form because of the torsion. This torsion is occurred when the gastropods are in the larval stage.

Gastropods Facts 8: feeding

Some gastropods are carnivorous. Others are herbivores. When they eat the food, they will use a radula.



Gastropods Facts 9: digestive system

The digestive system of gastropods is unique.  The stomach is functioned to digest the food.

Gastropods Facts 10: hermaphroditic

When talking about the reproduction, some gastropods are hermaphroditic. It means that they have both sexes in the body. The slipper shell is male. But it can turn into female.



Talking about the habitat of gastropods, you can find them living on land, fresh water and salt water. Are you interested with facts about gastropods?

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