10 Interesting Whale Facts

Wednesday, June 26th 2013. | Animals

If you want to know the life of the marine animal, read the following explanation about whale facts. Whale is a mammal. It is estimated that whale has been living on earth for more than millions years.  The animals are included in mammals with other aquatic animals like porpoises and dolphin. Enjoy the facts about whale below:

Whale Facts 1: suborder Of Whales

There are two suborders of whale to learn. The first one is the baleen whales. The animal likes to eat small organisms like plankton and krill. The species includes in baleen are the humpback and blue whales. The second one is the toothed whales. They like to eat big fish. Some members include beluga, killer and sperm whales.

Whale Facts 2: Sleeping Brain

The brain of whales only sleeps one half because the animals have to breathe and go to the surface to get the fresh air.

Whale Facts

Whale Facts

Whale Facts 3: Name of Whale

The etymologists have different perception on the name of whales. Some of people believe that it was derived from High German language ‘hwal’. Others believe that it was named after ‘wheel’.

Whale Facts 4: Warm Blooded Animal

Even though whales live inside the ocean, they are warm blooded animals. The cool temperature will never bother their health. A thick wall of fat called bubbler will be formed to give better insulation.

Whale Jumping

Whale Jumping

Whale Facts 5: Blue Whale

Meet blue whales if you want to know the largest animal ever living on earth. The weight of blue whale is around 200 tons.

Whale Facts 6: Sperm Whales

When it comes to the diving ability, sperm whale is good. The species can dive as deep as 2 miles. The animals can slow the heart beat and use limited oxygen to survive while diving deep down the water.



Whale Facts 7: Saltwater

You are wrong if you think that whales drink saltwater. The animals get the water from the food that they eat.

Whale Facts 8: Baleen Whales

To communicate with other species, baleen whales utilize the sonar. The animals can present the loudest noise ever.

Killer Whale

Killer Whale

Whale Facts 9: Small Eyes

Now let’s talk about the face of whales. Whales have small eyes because eyes are not considered as the primary sense. The animals emphasize their sense of hearing more because it uses to capture the sound from other species. The whale that can make a facial expression is beluga whale. Other species cannot do it. Sometimes you can see them frowning or smiling.

Whale Facts 10: Killer Whale

Killer whale is also called orca. This animal is so fast. The faster animal can swim with the speed up to 35 mph.



The population of whales is declined from year to year. Many people hunt the animal because they want to take the whalebone and the oil. The oil is used to make margarine, candle wax and cooking. The whalebones are used to make handles, umbrella ribs and corsets. Do you want to add more facts about whales?

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