10 Interesting Chicken Facts

Monday, July 15th 2013. | Animals

Read the chicken facts if you want to know the detail information about chicken breed, farm land and food safety. Chicken is a popular food that you can use to make various menus. You can use it to cook chicken soup, chicken burger, pie and many more. Let’s see the detail information about facts on chicken below:

Chicken Facts 1: Extinction

The chicken on the farmland is abundant. Some unique chicken breeds living in Amazon rain forest are the bridge of extinction. Many people only learn few chicken breeds. There are many other wild chickens that you can learn with uniqueness. If you want to find out more on the chicken breeds, you can visit American livestock breed conservancy.

Chicken Facts 2: Eggs

Most chicken will only lay an egg in their prime time. We will never know whether it was a rooster in the flock or not. If you collect the eggs once daily, there will be no baby chic inside. Get the details by reading egg facts.

Chicken Facts

Chicken Facts

Chicken Facts 3: Earlobe Color

If you want to know the color chicken egg, you need to note on their color for their earlobe. If it has red earlobes, the eggs will be in brown color. The white earlobes give you white eggs. If you want to have the blue tinted eggs or green eggs, choose the Ameraucanas breed.

Chicken Facts 4: Organic Chicken

If you want to consume the healthy eggs, you can choose the organic eggs. It does not used antibiotic, engineered or chemical pesticide. The hen usually is kept in indoor space.



Chicken Facts 5: Feeding Time

Chickens like to eat grass. They tend to slurp the grass like what you will do when you eat spaghetti. Compared to the regular eggs, the pastured eggs give you more benefits. The saturated fat and cholesterol is less. The amount of beta-carotene, vitamin A and vitamin D is bigger.

Chicken Facts 6: Playing Chicken

Just like human being, chickens like to play. When they get bored, they will spend time to jump, run, sun bath and spar.



Chicken Facts 7: Chicken in US

Chickens are not considered as a pet. They are commodity to serve the human need. More than 90 percent chickens living in US live in cages. Thus, many animal right activists protest against the inappropriate cages for chickens. Read animal rights facts to know the activists’ program to protect animals.

Chicken Facts 8: Full Color Vision

Chicken is a unique animal.   There is no color blind in chicken because normally it was born with full color vision.

White Eggs

White Eggs

Chicken Facts 9: Sunbathing

Chicken is just like us, dogs and cars love to sunbathe. However, they do not need any sunscreen to protect the feather from the harsh sunlight.

Chicken Facts10: pain receptors

Probably you think that animal will never feel any pain. You can are wrong about this. Chicken has the ability to feel the distress and pain because its body features the pain receptors.

baby chick

baby chick

The young chicken will be protected by the old chickens from any predators. The animal is good to differentiate the threat through 30 styles of vocalization. Are you concerned on facts about chicken?

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