10 Interesting Woodpecker Facts

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You will be informed with a group of near-passerine birds on Woodpecker Facts. They are included in the family Picidae. Woodpecker can be found in many parts of the world. However, you will not spot them in the extreme polar areas, Madagascar, New Zealand, New Guinea and Australia. They are spreading in the woodlands and forests. Some of them inhabit the deserts, rocky hillsides and other treeless areas. Cacti are heavily exploited by Gila woodpecker. Check other interesting facts about woodpecker below:

Woodpecker Facts 1: relationship

It is believed that woodpecker has a close relationship with honeyguides, toucans, barbets and jacamars.

Woodpecker Facts 2: threat

The member of the family and order are threatened for two primary reasons. The habitat fragmentation and habitat loss reduce the number of their population. Read facts about wombat here.

Facts about Woodpecker

Facts about Woodpecker

Woodpecker Facts 3: the size and weight

The size of woodpecker depends on its species. The smaller one may have the weight of 0.25 oz or 7 gram. It may have the length of 2.8 inches or 7 cm.  The larger one reaches 20 inches or 50 cm long.

Woodpecker Facts 4: the great slaty woodpecker

The great slaty woodpecker is considered as the largest surviving woodpecker. It may reach the weight of 12.7 to 19.9 oz or 360 to 563 gram.

Woodpecker Facts

Woodpecker Facts

Woodpecker Facts 5: the notable features

The notable features of woodpecker are spotted on their strong bills and long sticky tongues. The later one is used to extract food. The former one is used to drill the wooden trees.

Woodpecker Facts 6: the bills

The bills of woodpecker are unique. Compared to the bills of wrynecks and piculets, woodpecker has strong, sharper and longer bills. Check facts about woodlice here.

Woodpecker Holes

Woodpecker Holes

Woodpecker Facts 7: the function of the long sticky tongue

The bristles are spotted on the sticky tongue of woodpecker. After they create a hole on the tree using the bill, the insect will be extracted using the long sticky tongue.

Woodpecker Facts 8: the behavior

All kinds of behaviors exhibited by woodpecker are related to the use of the bill for hammering and drumming.



Woodpecker Facts 9: brain protection

The brain protection features are well developed in woodpecker to make sure that the behavior of repeated and rapid impact of pecking will never damage the brain.

Woodpecker Facts 10: extinction

Since 20th century, the imperial woodpecker ad the ivory-billed woodpecker had been reported extinct in the Americas.

Woodpecker Image

Woodpecker Image

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