10 Interesting Dragonflies Facts

Wednesday, January 1st 2014. | Animals

You can see the most wonderful flying animal in dragonflies facts. When people see dragonflies, they are impressed with the color of the wings. Even though they are not as beautiful as butterflies, you will love to see the wing color and flaying ability. Let’s find out more about this animal below:

Dragonflies Facts 1: color

The animals have wings. You can see them in various colors such as black, red, blue, green or yellow.

Dragonflies Facts 2: evolution

Dragonflies evolved for about 300 years ago. You can compare the appearance of modern dragonflies and the fossil ones.

Dragonfly colors

Dragonfly colors

Dragonflies Facts 3: size of modern and fossil dragonflies

The fossil dragonflies discovered by the scientists come in the length around 2 feet. The modern dragonflies that you can see on the air are only around 2 until 5 feet.

Dragonflies Facts 4: oxygen level

The growth of the dragonflies is affected by the oxygen level. In Paleozoic era, many dragonflies had a bigger size compared to the modern era. That’s why they grew big like a giant monster.

Dragonflies facts

Dragonflies facts

Dragonflies Facts 5: species

There are more than 5000 species of dragonflies that you can learn. The animal is included in the Odonata order. It was derived from Greek language. The meaning is the toothed one.

Dragonflies Facts 6: diet

The diet for the dragonflies when they are in the larval state is various. They will love to eat fish, mosquitoes, and tadpoles.

Dragonflies Fly

Dragonflies Fly

Dragonflies Facts 7: flying experts

The animals are included as flying expert.  They can fly easily on the air. The hunting ability is wonderful when they capture food on the air. The animals also mate in the air.

Dragonflies Facts 8: hunting for food

Dragonflies hunt for food while flying. They will use the feet to grab it.

Dragonflies head

Dragonflies head

Dragonflies Facts 9: life span

The life span of adult dragonflies is different. They can live only for one week. Other adult dragonflies can live until one year.

Dragonflies Facts 10: eyes

Besides the flying ability, the eyes of dragonflies are wonderful.  The vision enables them to see objects in any spot except the back part.



Dragonfly Swarm Project is a report conducted by scientists to know the behavior of dragonflies when they are in a swarm. Are you fascinated with facts about dragonflies?

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