10 Interesting Toucan Facts

Tuesday, September 17th 2013. | Animals

Toucan facts give you interesting information about the unique animal. Taco toucan is considered as the largest one for all toucans. It has the size for 25 inches or 63.5 cm. The taco toucan is characterized with a large colorful beak with black body and white throat. Here are some interesting facts about toucan:

Toucan Facts 1: Beak

Toucan has a bright orange beak. The length is 8 inches or 19 cm. The beak is created from the protein keratin. The weight is small because the beak contains air pocket. Look at scarlet macaw facts here.

Toucan Facts 2: Body Temperature

Toucan will maintain the temperature inside the body by changing the blood flow through their beak. The heat will be released if the flow of blood is accelerated and increased. To make the body warm when the animal sleeps, the beak will be kept under the feathers.

Toucan Beak

Toucan Beak

Toucan Facts 3: Function of Beak

Beak is very important part of body for toucan. When the animals want to eat the food such as fruit or seed, they will use the beak to peel and pluck them. The animals catch frogs, insects and other small animals by using the flat thong located inside the beak. See animal facts here.

Toucan Facts 4: Poor Flier

Toucan is not a good at flying. They only travel in a very short distance. When they are on the tree, they will move from one tree to others by hopping.

Toucan facts

Toucan facts

Toucan Facts 5: Nesting Area

The main nesting area of a toucan is located on the hole of a tree. Sometimes, they move to the abandoned nesting area of woodpecker.

Toucan Facts 6: A Group of Toucan

Sometimes some toucans live in a single hole of tree together. The eggs will be laid in the hollow too.

Toucan Habitat

Toucan Habitat

Toucan Facts 7: Habitat

Toucan is native to South America. You can find them living in savannahs, shrub land and tropical forest.

Toucan Facts 8: The Least Concern Animal

When talking about the population of toucan, it is least concern animal because the animals re abundant. It is due to the fact that toucan can live in a wide variety of habitat. Thus, the animals are not bothered with climate change roar rainforest destruction.

toucan Pic

toucan Pic

Toucan Facts 9: Protection of Habitat

Even toucan is included as the least concern animal; it does not mean that this animal does not need any protection. You need to protect the animal by avoiding buying some products from the rainforest in South America.

Toucan Facts 10: Eggs

There are 20 days needed by the parents to incubate the eggs. The beak for this baby toucan is small. When it is mature, it will grow bigger.



Seeing toucan is not difficult to do. You can go to the rainforest in South America. Many people go to the continents to enjoy sightseeing on toucan. Do you have any more information on facts about toucan?

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