10 Interesting Minibeast Facts

Thursday, July 31st 2014. | Animals

Minibeast Facts elaborate the information about the collective small animals. This term can be used to call the collective name of worms, slugs, spiders, insects, centipedes, and snails. If you want to find the detail info about Minibeast, check the explanation below:

Minibeast Facts 1: invertebrates

Many people also call Minibeast as invertebrates. The animals are characterized without backbones. They can have soft or hard body depending on the species. The soft body Minibeast includes slugs and worms. The Minibeast with a hard shell includes insect, snail and spiders. Get insects facts here.

Minibeast Facts 2: kinds of Minibeast

If you go out in Britain, you can find 25,000 different types of Minibeast.

Minibeast  Pic

Minibeast Pic

Minibeast Facts 3: Slugs

If you want to know the unique kind of Minibeast, you need to check the pictures of slugs. The animal only has one foot, but it has four noses.

Minibeast Facts 4: snail

If you look at snail, you always consider it as a weak and a slow animal. However, this animal is strong for it can lift 10 times of the body weight.

Minibeast Examples

Minibeast Examples

Minibeast Facts 5: worm

Even though worn is considered as a disgusting animal, it gives a lot of benefits to human being. When people want to make a vermicomposting, they will use tiger worms to do it.

Minibeast Facts 6: heart of worm

Do you know that worm has more than one heart? The animal can have five to ten hearts. It actually has been on the planet for more than 600 million years ago.

Minibeast Facts

Minibeast Facts

Minibeast Facts 7: worm and food

In a day, the food that a worm eats can have the similar weight just like its body. If you want to know the long worm, you can see the African giant earthworm. It has the length of 6.7 meter.

Minibeast Facts 8: centipedes

Centipedes have one segment of leg.  The life span of these animals is around 6 years. The number of legs that they have is 15 to 100 pairs of legs.

Minibeast Image

Minibeast Image

Minibeast Facts 9: insects

There are 22,000 different kinds of insects that you can find in Britain. Insects are characterized with three parts of abdomen, thorax and head. Most of them have six legs.

Minibeast Facts 10: Beetles

Do you know that the common insects on earth are beetles?



The smallest insect in the world is fairyflies? It is a kind of parasitic wasp.  The length of the body is 0.139 mm. Do you want to comment on facts about Minibeast?

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