10 Interesting Great Dane Facts

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Great Dane Facts tell you about a giant sized dog.  It is originated from a German breed. It is called Dogue Allemand in France. In Germany, it is called German Mastiff or Deutsche Dogge. The height of Great Dane is wonderful. There is no need to wonder that it is called as one of the tallest dogs in the world. Zeus was a Great Dane which held the record as the tallest dog. When he was five years old, he died in September 2014. It had the height at 44 inches or 111.8 cm. It was measured from the paw to the shoulder. Let’s check other interesting facts about Great Dane:

Great Dane Facts 1: Great Dane in 17th century

Great Dane was breed in England and Germany in 17th century. The people at that time used the dogs for hunting deer, board and bear.

Great Dane Facts 2: chamber dogs

Great Dane is also called as a chamber dog because this dog likes to stay with their master in the chamber. In the past, the chamber dogs were used to protect the princess when she slept. Find facts about cotton top tamarin here.

Great Dane Facts

Great Dane Facts

Great Dane Facts 3: the appearance of Great Dane

Great Dane has the muscle body with great size. It also has the dignified and regal physical appearance.  It is strong and powerful. The ears are triangular and floppy. Check sugar glider facts here.

Great Dane Facts 4: the average size of Great Dane

The female Great Dane usually has the length around 71 cm or 28 inches. The male Great Dane can be 76 cm or 30 inches.

Great Dane Height

Great Dane Height

Great Dane Facts 5: the weight

When Great Dane is more than 18 months, it should have the weight at least 45 kilogram or 100 lb for the females. The males should have the weight at least 54 kilogram or 120 lb.

Great Dane Facts 6: the difference between male and female Great Dane

The body of male Great Dane is bigger than its female counterpart. Moreover, it has heavier bone and larger body frame.

Great Dane Pic

Great Dane Pic


Great Dane Facts 7: the function of Great Dane today

In the past, Great Dane was used for hunting. Today, people have Great Dane as a companion.

Great Dane Facts 8: cropping

It is very common to have the Great Dane’s ears cropped in United States. In Europe, this action is not common. Some countries in the world have banned the practice.

Great Dane

Great Dane

Great Dane Facts 9: the colors of Great Dane

Great Dane is available in several colors such black, harlequin, blue, brindle, grey merle and fawn.

Great Dane Facts 10: the personalities of Great Dane

Great Dane is a compassionate dog. It needs physical affection from the master.

Great Dane Image

Great Dane Image

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