10 Interesting Bunny Facts

Friday, July 26th 2013. | Animals

Let me inform you about bunny facts. Bunny is one of the best pets in the world. Kids love it much. This animal is always linked with carrot and jumping style. By reading the post, you will be served with more information about the lifestyle, diet, rabbit ear and physical features. Here are the facts to learn:

Bunny Facts 1: Strong Hind Limbs

When you see a bunny jumping, you will be impressed with the leaping. It can reach the great distance because bunny has strong hind limbs. The length of the jumping reaches 3 meter, while the height of jumping is around 1 meter.

Bunny Facts 2: Sense

Bunny has three powerful senses. Their vision, heating and smells are great. They can detect the predators by using 360 degree panoramic view. The small blind spot is only located on their nose. This animal can see what behind them. Learn another animal in squirrel facts.



Bunny Facts 3: Habitat

Most bunnies live in groups. It is called as warren. The warren is made by making an underground tunnel. It has a different exist and entrance.  This animal is also a territorial animal. Another social animal is seen on African Lion facts.

Bunny Facts 4: Joyous Expression

If you want to know the expression of joy, you need to scrutinize whether it is binky or not. What they usually do is jumping into the air, running, flicking their feet and twisting their body.

Bunny Facts

Bunny Facts

Bunny Facts 5: Quiet Animal

We can say that rabbit is a quiet animal if you compare it with dogs or cats. However, you need to pay more attention since bunny can produce sound too. It can present the sound of affection by having a low humming.

Bunny Facts 6: Diet

If you have a bunny as a pet, you need to give the proper diet. You are wrong if bunny only needs to eat carrot. You need to give them other food such as veggies. It can make them well nourished.



Bunny Facts 7: A Protected Pet

Unlike cat or dog, bunny should be kept in safe place. This animal is fragile. You need to give it a hiding place and shelter. The open space shelter is not good. It can make bunny feel unsafe.

Bunny Facts 8: Poor Health

You should never let the pet has a poor health. You need to imitate their natural environment. The physical and metal of bunny should be preserved. You can have a rope for the bunny to climb and play. You can also use some toys.

Grey Bunny

Grey Bunny

Bunny Facts 9: Symbol

Bunny is also an important animal in human culture. It is used as symbol of rebirth and fertility. You can see rabbit symbol in Easter and spring.

Bunny Facts 10: Chinese Zodiac

Bunny is one of the famous 12 Chinese Zodiacs. It represents tenderness, sensitivity, graciousness, compassion, kindness, and elegance.

White Bunny

White Bunny

A half population of bunnies in the world is located in North America. You can have bunny as a pet because the life span is around 10 years. Do you have any question on facts about bunny?

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