10 Interesting Climate Change Facts

Tuesday, October 22nd 2013. | Environment

Climate change facts offer you with an important object to discuss. There is awareness to cool down the earth. The temperature is getting hotter days by days. Many people still have not concerned with the climate change and global warming. It can affect the life of the people in the future if they are careless about the environment. Here are some surprising facts of climate change:

Climate Change Facts 1: Average Temperature

Since 1880, the average temperature on all parts of the world has been increased 1.4 degree F. This number is gained from the research conducted by NASA.

Climate Change Facts 2: Warming Rate

The warming rate is also increased. The last two decades on the 20th century were considered as the warmest temperature in some millennia.

Climate Change Facts

Climate Change Facts

Climate Change Facts 3: Artic

Artic is a cold continent. It has been affected much by the climate change. The other parts of the world such as Canada, Alaska, and eastern Russia had an increased rate. This finding is explained by multinational Arctic Climate Impact Assessment reports.

Climate Change Facts 4: Ice In Artic

The ice in the arctic is melted due to the increase temperature in the continent. It is estimated that the ice will disappear in the 2040. The melted sea ice makes the natural animals living in arctic such as polar bear lose a place to live.

Climate Change on Earth

Climate Change on Earth

Climate Change Facts 5: Glaciers and Mountain

Glaciers and mountain snow melt. You can see that in 1910 the Glacier National Park in Montana has 150 glaciers. But now it only has 27 glaciers.

Climate Change Facts 6: Coral Reefs

Not only animals in the ice region experience the impact of climate change, but also the coral reef on the tropical area. The small change on the world temperature makes the coral reefs suffer. This condition is called a bleaching. It is a condition which makes the coral reef die as a response to stress.

Climate Change Pic

Climate Change Pic

Climate Change Facts 7: Extreme Weather Events

You can compare the weather changes in the past and present. There was several extreme weather events happened in the present time.  They can be in the form of strong tropical storm, heat waves and wildfire.

Climate Change Facts 8: Gases

The climate change and global warming is mainly caused by the activity of human being who always used the fossil fuel such as gasses, natural oil and coal.

Climate Change

Climate Change

Climate Change Facts 9: A Smart Car

Today people began to emit the usage of fossil fuel on the truck and cars. The concept of a smart car is popular now because it is environmentally friendly to the earth.

Climate Change Facts 10: Carbon Dioxide

The presence of carbon dioxide is higher today if you compare it 800,000 year ago.



If all appliances that you use today are environmentally friendly, you can lower the emission of carbon dioxide. The climate change will be lowered. Do you have any other opinion on facts about climate change?

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