10 Interesting Water Facts

Monday, June 3rd 2013. | Environment

Water facts give you more knowledge about the natural element in the world. Water is signified with the chemical symbol of H2O because it is created from oxygen and hydrogen. Water is very important thing in our daily life. Without any water, people cannot live until this day. Not only human, but also plants and animal need it to survive. In this post let me give you some interesting water facts to notice:

Water Facts1: States of Water

Water comes in three different states. You can see the water in the form of liquids. You can directly drink this water each day. Water can be made in the solid form when you freeze the water in the refrigerator. When you boil come water, you can see it in the form of gas. The solid state of water is called as ice, while the vapor or steam water is used to refer for gas water.

Water Facts 2: Water in the World

More than 70 percent of the earth surface is occupied by water. The rest of the area is occupied by land.

Water Facts

Water Facts

Water Facts 3: Ocean in the World

There are many oceans in the world. The largest one in the world is Pacific Ocean. The second one is the Atlantic Ocean, while the third one is Indian Ocean.

Water Facts 4: Seawater

Seawater is the water found on the sea. It is salty because in 2.2 lb. of seawater comprises 1.2 oz. or 35 grams salts.



Water Facts 5: River

The river in the world is not salty. The longest one is Nile River. The length of this river is about 4132 miles or 6650 kilometers. The Amazon River is considered as the second longest river in the world with the length of 4000 miles.

Water Facts 6: Ocean Tides

The water in the ocean is affected by the gravitational pull of sun and mood. That’s why the ocean tides occurred.

Mississippi River

Mississippi River

Water Facts 7: River in USA

Even though you have known the longest river in the world, you need to know the longest river in US. It is the Missouri river with the length about 3,770 kilometers. When the Missouri river and the Mississippi river meet, it forms the longest river in North American. Mississippi river has the length at 2,320 miles.

Water Facts 8: Mixtures with Water

Water can dissolve very well with acids, salts and sugars. On the other hand, you will face difficulties when you want to mix water with fat and oil.

Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean

Water Facts 9: Pure Water

Pure water has the pH in the level 7. It does not have any taste and smell. If the pH is not normal, it is polluted.  Get more explanation on water pollution facts.

Water Facts 10: Water in Planet Mars

People will always wonder if there is a possibility for human being to live in other planets. One of the main planets that researchers observe is Mars after they found polar ice caps in the red planet. Look at Saturn facts to find out whether it has water or not.



Water is very crucial to people’s life. Without water, the system of life will be ruined. Preserve the water condition by reducing the pollution in air and land to make it pure. Hopefully the facts about water are helpful for you.

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