10 Interesting Taiga Facts

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The boreal forest or snow forest is explained on Taiga Facts. The main vegetations in taiga are larches, pines and spruces.  People often call it as the coniferous forest. The largest terrestrial biome in the world is taiga.  It can be found mostly in North America.  It spans on Alaska, Upper Peninsula of Michigan, northern Minnesota, inland of Canada and northern New England. Let’s check other interesting facts about taiga below:

Taiga Facts 1: taiga in Eurasia

Taiga can be found in Eurasia too. It spans in Norway, Finland, Russia, and Iceland. You can also spot it in the island of Hokkaido in Japan, northern Mongolia, and northern Kazakhstan.

Taiga Facts 2: the variety

The plants that you spot in taiga are various depending on the length of the growing season, tree species and summer temperature. Get facts about swamp here.

Taiga Biome

Taiga Biome

Taiga Facts 3: the plants in taiga

The location definitely affects the plants that you spot in taiga. Spruces are mainly spotted in the taiga of North America. If you visit the taiga in Russia, you can check larches, pines and spruces. The mix of pines, birch and spruce is seen in Finnish and Scandinavian taiga. The larch forest is seen in Eastern Siberia taiga.

Taiga Facts 4: the term taiga

People in Canada and United States often call taiga as boreal forest. It is used to call the southern part of the biome. The people use the term taiga when they call the northernmost part of the barren biome. Check facts about salt marsh here.

Taiga Facts

Taiga Facts

Taiga Facts 5: the largest land biome

The largest land biome in the world is taken by taiga.  It accounts for 29 percent of the forest cover in the world.  If you want to know the largest taigas in the world, you can go to Canada and Russia.

Taiga Facts 6: the temperature

Taiga has low temperature. You can also spot the permanent ice caps in this forest. But the temperature of tundra is lower than taiga. The lowest temperature is often recorded in northeastern Russian taiga.

Taiga Image

Taiga Image

Taiga Facts 7: the temperature of Siberian taiga

The average temperature of Siberian taiga reaches 21 degree F or -6 degree C to -58 degree F or -50 degree C.

Taiga Facts 8: the growing season in Taiga

The growing season of taiga in Canada lasts from 80 to 150 days.

Taiga Pictures

Taiga Pictures

Taiga Facts 9: the soil

The soil in taiga is characterized with poor nutrients. The cold temperature in the area makes the soil young and thin.

Taiga Facts 10: the coniferous trees

The taiga biome is mostly filled with coniferous trees. You can also find different types of fauna living here. During the summer months, you can spot various birds looking for food.



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