10 Interesting Walnut Facts

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The nut found on any types of trees included in Family Juglandaceae or genus Juglans are called walnut. The primary one is Juglans regia. It is often called with the common name of English walnut or Persian Walnut. Actually, walnut is not considered, as a true botanical nut for it is a seed of a drupe. People can eat walnut after it has been processed. The pickled walnut is created from the green ones. You can get the nutmeat after it is full ripened. Check out other interesting facts about walnut:

Walnut Facts 1: the nutrients

Walnut is a favorable food due to the high level of essential fatty acids and protein.

Walnut Facts 2: what is walnut?

Can you define walnut? The industries mostly use it as food after it is fully ripened. This single seeded stone fruit has a rounded shape.

Facts about Walnut

Facts about Walnut

Walnut Facts 3: the walnut shell

The walnut shell has the wrinkle texture after the husk is eliminated. The shell comes in two or three layers. The shell will be hard, while the husk is brittle during the ripening process. Look at facts about nutrition here.

Walnut Facts 4: inside the shell

Inside the shell of walnut, you will find the meat. The brown seed coat covers the seed kernels. The antioxidant is available on the seed coat, which might prevent rancidity.

Walnut Image

Walnut Image

Walnut Facts 5: growing walnuts

If you are interested to grow walnuts, make sure that vegetable plants and flowers are not located nearby walnut. The walnut always competes with other plants by secreting the chemicals on the soil.

Walnut Facts 6: the primary species of walnut

The black walnut and the English or Persian Walnut are the two primary species of walnut. The former one is native to Persia. It has the biological name of J.regia. The former one is native to eastern North America. The biological name is J. nigra.

Walnut Facts

Walnut Facts

Walnut Facts 7: the nut production

The nut production in the world is mainly used the English walnut. The black walnut is rarely used due to the poor hulling and hard shell. Get facts about peanut butter here.

Walnut Facts 8: the cultivars

Due to the development of science, it is possible for the people to create the walnut cultivars. Most of them are developed from Persian or English walnut.

Walnut Pictures

Walnut Pictures

Walnut Facts 9: other species of walnut

The Arizona walnut, butternuts, and California black walnut are other species of walnut.

Walnut Facts 10: the production of walnut

The total production of walnut reached 3.458 million tonnes in 2013.



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