10 Interesting Mango Facts

Wednesday, July 2nd 2014. | Food

Mango Facts present the interesting facts about one of the most popular tropical fruits in the world. You can use mango to make juice or even salad. The meals can be combined with mango because it contains a lot of nutritional values. Let’s find out the detail facts about mango in the following post:

Mango Facts 1: Buddhist monks

Malaysia and eastern Asia could enjoy mango since the 5th century BC after it was introduced by the Buddhist monks. There is a legend stating that a mango tree was used as the cool shade when the God Buddha meditated.

Mango Facts 2: native fruit

Mango is a native fruit in Burma, Andaman Islands, and Eastern India. It comes from south Asian areas. Now you can find mango fruits all over the world. It is one of the most popular cultivated fruits in the tropical areas. The demand of mango export is very high.

Mango Fruit

Mango Fruit

Mango Facts 3: flowers

Let’s find out the flowers of mango.  The flower is in white colors. It has five petals in small size. To get ripened, the people have to wait the mango fruit for 3 to 6 months. Can you wait that long to enjoy the delicious fruit? Find out flower facts here.

Mango Facts 4: mango fruit

You are wrong if you think that mango fruits are in similar colors and shapes. You can find the fruit in different options. You can find them in green, red, orange or even yellow.  You can also get the small, medium or big one. The taste of mango depends on the variety.

Mango Mania

Mango Mania

Mango Facts 5: The evergreen mango tree

The height of the evergreen mango tree is around 115 to 130 feet or 35 to 40 meter. People find out some specimen of this tree. The evergreen mango has been used to bear fruit for more than 300 years.

Mango Facts 6: nutrients

When you eat fruits, you always want to fill the body with a lot of nutrients. Mangos contain various nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, mineral and water.  The amount of Vitamin A is higher in a ripened mango fruit. If you choose the green mango, you can have higher vitamin C.

Mango Yellow

Mango Yellow

Mango Facts 7: India

India produces half of the mango in the world.   But the country only contributes less than 1 percent for the mango export because the production of mango is used to cover the demand inside the country.

Mango Facts 8: common cuisines

You can find mango in many types of cuisines and meals. It can be served during the dinner, lunch and breakfast. You can make it into a juice or dessert.



Mango Facts 9: the unripe mango

The unripe mango can be used to make some common foods such as pickles, eaten raw food, side fishes and chutneys.

Mango Facts 10: Mango lassi

One of the most popular drinks in south Asia is mango lassi. It is created from mango pulp, ripe mango sugar and buttermilk.

Mango Cuisine

Mango Cuisine

Philippines, Pakistan and Indian choose mango as their national fruit. Do you have any suggestion on facts about mango?

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