10 Interesting Sushi Facts

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Sushi Facts present the interesting information about the famous Japanese food. This food contains the vegetables, seafood, and cooked vinegared rice. In some cases, it is often served with some tropical fruits. Have you ever eaten sushi before? The main ingredient that you can have in sushi is rice. It can be served with white rice or brown rice. Check other interesting facts about sushi below:

Sushi Facts 1: the raw seafood

Sushi is always associated with raw seafood. However, the people who consider themselves as vegetarian always can avoid the seafood and serve it with vegetables.

Sushi Facts 2: sashimi

Sashimi is a term used to call the raw fish served without any rice. It is usually sliced.

Facts about Sushi

Facts about Sushi

Sushi Facts 3: other ingredients

There are other ingredients that you can find in sushi such as soy sauce, wasabi and pickled ginger. But the vinegared sushi rice is the common ingredient. Get facts about Spanish food here.

Sushi Facts 4: the variety of sushi

There are various types of sushi in the world. People can make it look different based on the preparation, condiments, fillings and toppings. You can find the differences between the contemporary and traditional sushi. Even though they are made of the similar ingredients, the result is very different.

Sushi Food

Sushi Food

Sushi Facts 5: Chirashizushi

Chirashizushi is served with raw ingredients. The topping is usually made of raw vegetables and raw fish located at the top of a bowl of rice. The style to serve or cook Chirashizushi depends on the region. In March, people usually eat this kind of sushi on Hinamatsuri.

Sushi Facts 6: Inarizushi

The people who love to eat tofu can choose Inarizushi. The sushi rice is used as the filling for the fried tofu. Check facts about potato here.

Sushi Pic

Sushi Pic

Sushi Facts 7: inarizushi version

If you are interested to eat the Hawaiian specialty, you can choose the inarizushi which has gobo, carrots, and green bean. Some people call it cone sushi.

Sushi Facts 8: the variations of sushi

The variation of sushi can be seen in the western world rather than in Japan due to the increased popularity of sushi. In the beginning of 1980s, the Norwegians began to introduce the usage of salmon to create sushi.

Sushi Picture

Sushi Picture

Sushi Facts 9: safety

To make sure that sushi is well served, the freshness and quality of the fish should be superior. Therefore, the sushi chefs should be able to pick the right fish for sushi based on the freedom of parasites, firmness, color and smell.

Sushi Facts 10: the common fish used in sushi

There are various fish used to create sushi such as mackerel, snapper, tuna, salmon and Japanese amberjack.



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