10 Interesting Wine Facts

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One of the favorite drinks in the world is explained on Wine Facts. The primary ingredient is grape.  This alcoholic beverage is created using the fermentation process without adding enzymes, acids, sugars or even waters. The main type of grape for creating wine is Vitis vinifera. The sugar in the grapes is consumed by the yeast. It will be converted into carbon dioxide and ethanol. Let me show you other interesting facts about wine below:

Wine Facts 1: the qualities and styles of wine

The qualities and styles of wine are included in the legal appellations enacted by certain regions in the world.  It will define the grape varieties and geographical origin of wine.

Wine Facts 2: other wines

Most wines are created from grapes. However, other wines are created from different ingredients such as pomegranate, cherry, plum, elderberry and rice.

Facts about Wine

Facts about Wine

Wine Facts 3: the production of wine

The production of wine was dated back circa 7000 BC in China. In Iran, it was produced circa 5000 BC. In Georgia, the production of wine was dated back circa 6000 BC. Check facts about sugar here.

Wine Facts 4: winery

Areni-1 winery Armenia is considered as the earliest known winery in the world. It was aged 6,100 years.

Wine Facts

Wine Facts

Wine Facts 5: the consumption of wine

The consumption of wine was noted in Rome, Thrace and Greece after wine was introduced the Balkans in 4500 BC.

Wine Facts 6: religion and wine

The blood of the ancient Egyptians was symbolized by the presence of red wine. Wine is also incorporated in Eucharist of Christianity and Kiddush of Jews.

Wine Pictures

Wine Pictures

Wine Facts 7: vintage wine

Vintage wine is valuable. The reputable winery will sell their superior vintage wines in higher prices compared to the average vintage wines. Find facts about walnut here.

Wine Facts 8: Vitis vinifera

Vitis vinifera is considered as the common species of grape to create wine. It comes in a number of varieties such as Merlot, Gamay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot noir.



Wine Facts 9: the valuable vines

The wines produced from Rhone Valley and Bordeaux are well noted in the world. Due to their exclusivity, the wines are sold in higher prices.

Wine Facts 10: red wine

The dark-colored grapes are used to create red wine, which retains its amazing color.

Wine image

Wine image

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