10 Interesting Sugar Facts

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If you want to know the generalized name for sweet, check Sugar Facts. Sugar is one of the important commodities in the world. When you want to make a cup of tea or coffee, you will always need sugar to make it sweet. There are several components of sugars. Those include oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon. The types of sugar are various. Those include galactose, fructose, glucose and  monosaccharides. Here are other interesting facts about sugar for you:

Sugar Facts 1: sucrose

Sucrose is a type of disaccharide. It is the most common type of sugar used by the people. They call it granulated sugar or table sugar.

Sugar Facts 2: the artificial sweetener

To reduce the cost of production, the artificial sweetener is often used to create the products. They promote it as lower calorie food substitute.

Facts about Sugar

Facts about Sugar

Sugar Facts 3: plants

There are many plants’ tissues which contain sugar. But the high amount of sugar for extraction can be seen in sugar beet and sugar cane.  Get facts about soda here.

Sugar Facts 4: what is sugarcane?

Since the ancient era, sugar cane has been cultivated widely in Southeast Asia and South Asia. This plant is included in the genus Saccharum.

Sugar Image

Sugar Image

Sugar Facts 5: the sugar plantation

The sugar plantation was flourished in Americas and West Indies in 18th century. The production of sugar was expanded.

Sugar Facts 6: the availability

The great production of sugar in 18th century gave a big impact for the common people. They could use it. Before the expansion of sugar production, the people sweetened the food by using honey.

Sugar Types

Sugar Types

Sugar Facts 7: sugar beet

Another source of sugar is the sugar beet. In 19th century, people began to extract sugar from these root crops. The sugar beet can be seen growing in the areas with cooler climate.

Sugar Facts 8: the production of sugar in 2011

Can you tell me the production of sugar in 2011? It was 168 million tonnes. The person takes 53 lb or 24 kg of sugar per year on average. Today, people begin to ask a major question whether the consumption of sugar affects the health of human or not. Some people decide to lower the consumption of sugar since it is always associated with cardiovascular disease, tooth decay, macular degeneration, dementia, diabetes, and obesity. Check facts about obesity here.

Sugar Picture

Sugar Picture

Sugar Facts 9: the largest importers of sugar

The European Union, US and Indonesia are considered as the largest importers of sugar.

Sugar Facts 10: the largest producers of sugar

There were five countries on the list of the largest producers of sugar in 2011. Those were Brazil, India, European Union, China and Thailand.



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