10 Interesting Pasta Facts

Friday, September 26th 2014. | Food

Pasta Facts provide the interesting information about one of the most popular Italian foods in the world. People love to eat pasta for it can make your stomach full. The taste is also delicious if you can pick the traditional recipe from Italy. Here are some interesting facts about pasta:

Pasta Facts 1: ingredients

You can make your own pasta at home. You just have to buy the pasta first on the supermarket. There are many manufacturers of pasta which increase the nutrition of the food. They mix pasta with fiber and omega-3 fatty acid.

Pasta Facts 2: combination

You can have a great combination of pasta with other nutritious foods. You have it combined with lean meats, poultry, protein packed, tomato sauce, fish, olive oil, vegetables and beans.

Pasta Facts

Pasta Facts

Pasta Facts 3: Marco Polo

There is a popular story about Marco Polo and pasta. The legend states that Pasta was introduced to the country by Marco Polo after he was back from the expedition in the Far East in 13th century.

Pasta Facts 4 pasta in England and US

When some people had a tour in Italy and discovered pasta, they introduced the food in the New World. The English practice of cooking noodle was brought to the New World by the English Colonist. They cooked the pasta for 1.5 hour. Then they mixed it with cheese and sauce. Get facts about noodle here.


Pasta Image

Pasta Image

Pasta Facts 5: the pasta factory

In 1848, Brooklyn was the home of the first pasta factory in America. The way to create the pasta was very unique at that time. The Frenchman spread the strand of spaghetti on the top of the roof.  It was used to make the strand dry after under the sunlight.

Pasta Facts 6: the popularity of pasta

The popularity of pasta in United State is high even though it is only placed in the sixth position of the most popular food. Every year, the people eat 20 lbs of pasta in average.

Pasta Pic

Pasta Pic

Pasta Facts 7: price

Pasta is popular not only because of its delicious taste, but also the cheap price. The America people only have to spend $1.45 per pound of pasta.

Pasta Facts 8: global consumption

Based on the global consumption of pasta, 24 percent of them are consumed by the American people. It means that the American people eat 6 billion of pasta annually.

Pasta Taste

Pasta Taste

Pasta Facts 9: production of pasta

The production of pasta is very high in US. It is placed in the second position of the largest pasta production in the world. In a year, there are 4.4 billion pounds of pasta produced by the country.

Pasta Facts 10: healthy meals

Pasta is called as one of the healthy meals in the world. It contains the whole grain which is good for the body.



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