10 Interesting Snow Leopard Facts

Saturday, June 15th 2013. | Animals

If you want to learn more about snow leopard facts, you need to read the whole explanation below. The information about snow leopard is important for your kids for they will know more about various animals in the world. Let’s see the interesting facts about snow leopard below:

Snow Leopard Facts 1: Scientific Name

Can you tell me the scientific name of snow leopard? It is Uncia Uncia. Many people find it a bit funny for the snow leopard is a big and dangerous animal.

Snow Leopard Facts 2: Habitat

When you like to know snow leopards in details, you can go to the Himalayan regional. These animals are endangered now due to the hunting of human being and the loss of habitat.  But they are native to the headland in central Asia. They like to live in snowy region. That’s why they are called as snow leopards.

Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard Facts 3: Family

The origin of snow leopards can be seen from their family. The scientific books state that they are the descendant of panther and wild cat families.

Snow Leopard Facts 4: China

You cannot see snow leopards in all places in the world. But the highest population is taking by China for more than 60 percent of snow leopards live in the country.

Snow Leopard Facts

Snow Leopard Facts

Snow Leopard Facts 5: Physical Appearance

Compared to the usual leopards that you can see in Africa, Snow leopards are different. Their physical appearance is wonderful and beautiful. The smoky gray coat is adorned with black spot.

Snow Leopard Facts 6: Snow Leopards in Central and South Asia

Even though China holds the highest number of snow leopards, you can find the animals spreading around other central and south Asian countries. You can see them in Russia, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Pakistan, Bhutan, Tajikistan, Nepal, and India.

Snow Leopard with Baby

Snow Leopard with Baby

Snow Leopard Facts 7: Place of Living

When it comes about hunting their prey, snow leopards like to live in rock outcrops, cliffs, and ridges. Those places of living are beneficial since they can stalk the prey successfully. It gives them perfect camouflage.

Snow Leopard Facts 8: Snow Leopard in the High Area

Snow leopards need to live in a cold place. They will climb in the altitude up to 3500 meters to enjoy the cool feeling.

Snow Leopards

Snow Leopards

Snow Leopard Facts 9: Snow Leopard in Summer Time

When summer time comes, they will climb high up to 5000 meters to enjoy cooler air.

Snow Leopard Facts 10: Fur

Snow leopard furs are thick to keep them warm. But the animals are not really big for they come in the weight about 30 up to 55 kilograms. Compared to most cats, they are considered as smaller cats. They have the length up to 2 meters. When it comes about the tail, it has similar length with the body.

Wild Snow Leopard

Wild Snow Leopard

The female and male snow leopards have different size of body. The female one is 30 percent smaller than its male counterpart. But all can adapt well when living in snowy region in the mountain. Are you interested reading the facts about snow leopard above?

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