10 Interesting Lynx Facts

Wednesday, June 25th 2014. | Animals

Enjoy Lynx facts if you are a cat lover. Lynx is always called as the representative of the big cat family. You can find this animal native to Asia and Africa. The cat likes to live in remote region. You can also spot the big cat in Carpathian Mountain, Balkans, and Scandinavian Peninsula. Find out more facts about lynx here:

Lynx Facts 1: habitat and diet

Lynx likes to live in remote area. You can find them in rocky hills and mountainous forest. Due to this environmental condition, the reproduction, behavior, meal and hunting skills are unique.

Lynx Facts 2: appearance

Let’s differentiate the appearance of Lynx with other big cats such as lion and tiger. Lynx has strong and high paws. But the body is a bit short. Find out tiger facts here.

Lynx Cat

Lynx Cat

Lynx Facts 3: length and weight

The average weight of lynx is around 8-15 kilogram. It is very uncommon to find out that a lynx has the weight more than 20 kilogram. The length of the body is around 82 cm. The tail is around 21 or 31 cm.

Lynx Facts 4: fur on lynx’s face

The main feature that this big cat has is the fur on the face. It reminds people with an image of whiskers. O the sides of the muzzle, you can find long hair. On the top of the ears, you can see thin tufts.

Lynx Color

Lynx Color

Lynx Facts 5: sense of hearing

Among all members of cat family, lynx has great sense of hearing.  It is due to the fact that a lynx is equipped with tufts.  The animal can hear the cracking sound in the distance of 60 meter.

Lynx Facts 6: the fur color

It is unique to find out the fur color of lynx can change based on the season. The bottom of the corpus is usually is in white color. You can find a reddish and ash tone as the main color.

Lynx Facts

Lynx Facts

Lynx Facts 7: seasons

During the winter season, the fur of a lynx comes in blurred pattern. It is fluffy and thick. On the other hand, the summer season makes the fur of lynx short and thick.

Lynx Facts 8: dexterous hunter

Lynx is famous a dexterous hunter. It will hunt the prey at night and at twilight.  The animal will use the sharp claws and firm teeth.

Lynx Facts

Lynx Facts

Lynx Facts 9: skill

Let’s talk about the fascinating skill of Lynx. This animal can do a long jump in 4 meter. It can climb tree and swim.

Lynx Facts 10: a settled animal

Lynx will never hunt out of his territory. Therefore, it is called as a settled animal. They like to hunt rodents, birds and hares.



If the food in the habitat is very scarce, they will hunt of moose and deer. Are you fascinated with facts about lynx?

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