10 Interesting Reptile Facts

Monday, June 17th 2013. | Animals

Reptile facts expand the information about reptiles in the world. Human beings are so fascinated to note on the physical behavior and appearance of this diverse animal. In the past people speculate more about reptiles. The diversity of reptiles gives you an insight that the animal kingdom is expansive:

Reptile Facts 1: Species of Reptiles

There are many species of reptiles that you need to know. It is estimated that the number of species are around 8,000. They can be seen in various places in the world.  But you cannot see reptiles living on Antarctica. It is too cold for them.

Reptile Facts 2: Cold Blooded Animals

All reptiles are cold blooded animal. It does not mean that they have cold blood. Their body cannot produce the heat internally. They need to catch the heat from the external sources. Reptiles are different from human being and otehr animals like tiger. To know more about warm blooded animals, read tiger facts.

Reptile Facts

Reptile Facts

Reptile Facts 3: The Longest Lived Species

Reptiles are considered as the longest lived species on earth.  An alligator can be traced back 70 years ago, while an aldabra tortoise is 150 years ago.

Reptile Facts 4: The Non-Venomous Snake

Most snakes in the world are non-venomous species. The harmful snakes to human being are only counted about 40 species. The venomous ones are only 500 species.

Small Reptile

Small Reptile

Reptile Facts 5: The Venomous Snakes in Australia

If you come to Australia, you need to be careful with wild snakes there. Even though 2/3 of world snakes are non-venomous, most Australian snakes are venomous. One of the most venomous snakes is the inland taipan.

Reptile Facts 6: Sweat Gland

Some people find it wrong when thinking that reptiles are slimy. When you touch their skin, you know that it is dry and cool. Reptiles do not have any sweat glands like human being and mammals. To know the types of mammals, read the facts about mammals.

Unique Reptile

Unique Reptile

Reptile Facts 7: Scaled Of Snakes

The scaled of lizards and snakes are made from keratin. You can find this substance is useful to generate the fingernail and hair of human beings.

Reptile Facts 8: The Longest Snake in the World

The longest snake in the world is taking by reticulated python. It has the length at 10 meter or 30 feet.  If you look at the largest snake, anaconda is the winner. The body can weigh up to 300 pounds.



Reptile Facts 9: Shedding Skin

All snakes will shed their skin to grow. The rate of growth of old snakes is reduced.  So, they will shed the skin less that the young snakes.

Reptile Facts 10: Cold Water

Even though reptiles live in the water and are considered as cool blooded animals, they cannot resist to cold environment. Emydoidea blandingii or Blanding’s turtle can live very well under the ice of Great Lake regions in US.

giant tortoise

giant tortoise

Reptiles can be traced back nearly 200 million year ago. They have inhabited earth for a long time with many evolutions. Lizard, snake, crocodile are the famous kinds of reptiles that people can see in daily life. What do you think on facts about reptiles?

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