10 Interesting Kangaroo Facts

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If you want to know more information about the largest marsupial animal in the world, you need to notice on the kangaroo facts. The animals come from the family Macropodidae. You can see them spreading around in Australia. Kangaroo is a good jumper and leaper.  Probably you have seen them in various movies and TV shows.  Let’s notice on the kangaroo facts below:

Kangaroo Facts 1: Species of Kangaroo

There are four species of kangaroo that you can learn. Those are the eastern grey kangaroo, red kangaroo, antilopine kangaroo, and western grey kangaroo.

Kangaroo Facts 2: Diet

Kangaroos are included as herbivorous animals for they do not eat meat. They like to eat grasses. The animals can live in the hot area and can survive without drinking any drop of water in the long run.

A Red Kangaroo

A Red Kangaroo

Kangaroo Facts 3: Habitat

As I have told you, kangaroos can be found easily in Australia. The animals are native to Australia. Thus, kangaroo is used as the national symbol. You can find them spreading in woodland, forest, grassland, savannah and grassy plain.

Kangaroo Facts 4: Population

Western gray kangaroo is also called as Macropus fuliginosus which has the population of 1,774,000. The red kangaroo and eastern kangaroo have the population of 8,351,000 and 8,978,000 respectively.

Gray Kangaroo

Gray Kangaroo

Kangaroo Facts 5: The Walking Kangaroos

When you see kangaroos on TV, you will notice how they cannot walk normally. It looks weird for they have long feet.

Kangaroo Facts 6: Mobs

Mobs refer the organized groups of kangaroos.  The group will be led by the largest male kangaroo. The female kangaroos are called as jells or flyers. The male kangaroos are called as jacks, boomers or bucks. If you want to call a baby kangaroo, call it as a joey. Get the information about the wild animal on snow leopard facts.



Kangaroo Facts 7: The Largest Kangaroo

The largest kangaroo is the red kangaroo. The weight of this species can reach 187 lbs. or 84 kg. The height is around 6 feet.

Kangaroo Facts 8: Tree Kangaroos

Tree kangaroos can be found in New Guinea and Australia. At night they will get down from the tree. Their activities during the day are sleeping.

Kangaroo Facts

Kangaroo Facts 9: Temperature

Temperature affects the animal’s behavior. When the weather is warm, kangaroos will use saliva to cool the limbs. If the day is too hot, they will hide in the cave. If you want to know the animal living in cold temperature, read puffin facts.

Kangaroo Facts 10: Female Kangaroos

Generally, a female kangaroo is pregnant with one joey at one time. The weight of a new born joey is around 0.03 ounces. The joey of a gray kangaroo will leave the pouch when he or she is a year old. It needs 8 months for the joey of a red kangaroo to leave the pouch.

Red Kangaroo

Red Kangaroo

Kangaroos are always characterized with weird look but this animal is unique. You can find them in Australia and New Guinea. If you do not have much time to go to Australia, you can visit the zoo in town to see the kangaroo face to face. Have you understood on the facts about kangaroo?

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