10 Interesting Scarlet Macaw Facts

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It will be fun for the parents to teach more about the scarlet macaw facts to their children. This animal offers beautiful and attractive look. You will love to see it on the nearest zoo in your town. The colorful look makes your eyes wonder. This colorful bird is popular and is considered as one of the endangered animals in the world. If you like to know the bird from the near view, you can go to Costa Rica. Make a visit with your daughters and sons on Osa Peninsula or Carara National Park to meet Scarlet Macaw. Here are some scarlet macaws facts that you need to know before you meet the bird:

Scarlet Macaw Facts 1: Life Span

Most scarlet macaw lives in sub-tropical and tropical rain forest. Their life span can last for 75 year if they live in captivity. If the birds live free, they can last for 30.

Scarlet Macaw Facts 2: Scarlet Macaw In Costa Rica

If you want to know the beautiful bird with their colorful feather, you can go to Costa Rica now.

Colorful Scarlet Macaw

Colorful Scarlet Macaw

Scarlet Macaw Facts 3: Scarlet Macaw Appearance

Many people appreciate the look of scarlet macaw for this animal is totally impressive and beautiful due to the colorful feather. The bold colors comprise their body. You can see the combination of yellow, red, blue, white, and green along the feathers. This bird usually is found with the weight of 2 pounds and length of 32 inches. The best features can be seen on the long tail and downward white bill.

Scarlet Macaw Facts 4: Scarlet Macaw’s Protection

This animal has a peak for two functions. It can be used to banish the predator who wants to kill and eat them. At the same time, it can be used for catching the inner part of the seed that they like to eat every day.

Red Scarlet Macaw

Red Scarlet Macaw

Scarlet Macaw Facts 5: Scarlet Macaw’s Sound

The call and sound of scarlet macaw is unique and engaging. They can make different pitches of sound. It can be in medium, low or even high pitch. The pitch works for different functions such as to warn about predators and communicate with other scarlet macaws.

Scarlet Macaw Facts 6: Life Of Scarlet Macaw

Most scarlet macaws live alone. They will be gathered in a group if they rest in similar ways. But they will soon be separated again.

Scarlet Macaw

Scarlet Macaw

Scarlet Macaw Facts 7: Aggressiveness

If a scarlet macaw lives in captivity, they need to be looked after perfectly if you do not want to make them aggressive. This animal can bite your hands if you place it in a cage in bare hand. However, bald eagle is more agile. If you want a proof, check bald eagle facts.

Scarlet Macaw Facts 8: Food

Scarlet macaw likes to eat planted wild seeds, nuts and fruits. Compare this animal with blue jay. Check blue jay facts to know its pictures.

Scarlet Macaw Facts

Scarlet Macaw Facts

Scarlet Macaw Facts 9: Scarlet macaw’s mating

When the male scarlet macaws want to mate with female ones, they need to do calling and dancing to get the attention. The female can get birth with 2 up to 4 eggs.

Scarlet Macaw Facts 10: Species

It is recorded that scarlet macaws have 17 species. They are endangered animals that you need ot protect.

Scarlet Macaws

Scarlet Macaws

Scarlet Macaw is a beautiful creature that you can see in Costa Rica, but some zoos in the town which have the largest bird parks can display it on the captivity. Thus, you can learn more about the facts about scarlet macaw

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