10 Interesting Moon Bear Facts

Friday, August 8th 2014. | Animals

Moon Bear Facts give the interesting facts about one of the highly intelligent animal in the world. Actually there are 8 species of bears in the world. Moon bear is one of them. This animal is unique and engaging. Let’s find out more facts about moon bear below:

Moon Bear Facts 1: hearing and smelling sense

Moon bear has great smelling and hearing sense. It can smell honey even though it is located in the distance of 5 km to 3.1 miles.

Moon Bear Facts 2: range of moon bear

Most moon bears are in Southern Asia. It is also called as the Asiatic Black Bear. Check another bear in Black Bears facts.

Moon Bear Diet

Moon Bear Diet

Moon Bear Facts 3: name of moon bear

The Asiatic Black bear is also called as a moon bear because the chest features the V shaped patch. It can come in yellow or cream colored fur. The shape of parch reminds people with a moon.

Moon Bear Facts 4: body

Moon bear is not really big. It has a medium size body. The male moon bears are larger compared to the female ones.

Moon Bear Facts

Moon Bear Facts

Moon Bear Facts 5: the ears

If you look at the ears of Moon bears, both are very big. Compared to other types of bears, the ears are completely larger.

Moon Bear Facts 6: habitat

You can find moon bears living in forests and mountains. They prefer to stay in the hilly areas. When the winter season comes, the moon bears will go to the lower altitude. On the other hand, they prefer to live in higher altitude during the summer season.

Moon Bear Image

Moon Bear Image

Moon Bear Facts 7: activities

Most moon bears are very active at dusk or dawn because most of them are awake during the night.  In the day, they take a rest in tree branches, nests and caves.

Moon Bear Facts 8: baby moon bears

The baby moon bears will stay for three years with the mother after it was born. Most moons bears have the life span up to 30 years old. But if the moon bears live in a farm, they can only live for 10 to 12 years.

Moon Bear Pic

Moon Bear Pic

Moon Bear Facts 9: diet

The foods that moon bears like to eat include vegetables, mice, birds, fruits, nuts, bee hives, and insects.

Moon Bear Facts 10: weight

The weight of moon bears is various.  They can be in 110 to 450 pounds. The animal has the height around 6 feet.

Moon Bear

Moon Bear

Moon bears are capable of climbing tree easily because they have strong claws. They can swim too. What do you think on facts about moon bear?

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