10 Interesting Sheep Facts

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Let me show you one of the most popular livestock in the world in Sheep Facts. This animal has the scientific name Ovis Aries. It is included in the ovis toed ungulates or order Artiodactyla. During the everyday life, we always use the term sheep to call the species of Ovis Aries even though you can use the term to call many different species of genus Ovis. Here are some interesting facts about sheep for you:

Sheep Facts 1: the history of a sheep

The experts believe that sheep was originated from the wild mouflon which lived in Asia and Europe.

Sheep Facts 2: the domesticated animals

You can find a lot of sheep in the farm today. It has been domesticated for the agricultural aim. The people can take milk, fleece and meat from the sheep. There are three types of meat that you can get here such as hogget, lamb and mutton. Get facts about cow here.

Facts about Sheep

Facts about Sheep

Sheep Facts 3: the wool

The wool is also important part of the sheep that people can get.  The wool will be taken from the surface body through shearing.   It is considered as the most used animal fiber. People often use it to produce clothes, jackets or sweaters.

Sheep Facts 4: the term

There are several terms that you need to know about sheep. You can call the younger sheep as a lamb.  You can use the word ram to call an intact male sheep. A ewe is used to call an adult female sheep. A wether refers to the castrated male sheep.

Sheep Facts

Sheep Facts

Sheep Facts 5: the meat

The meat is an important part of the sheep to sell in the market. The meat from the older sheep is called mutton. If the meat is taken from the younger sheep, it is called lamb.

Sheep Facts 6: the importance of sheep

Sheep is very important in many civilizations in the world throughout the time. Today, we use it to get meat and wool. But it is also important for model organism, dairy animals and pelts. Get facts about animal reproduction here.

Sheep Pic

Sheep Pic

Sheep Facts 7: the sheep production

The sheep production is very important in some countries such as South America, New Zealand, Australia and British Isles.

Sheep Facts 8: a group of sheep

If you want to call a group of sheep, use the term mob, herd or flock.



Sheep Facts 9: the imagery

Sheep has a special place in the human culture. People always connect sheep with the Arcadian and pastoral life.

Sheep Facts 10: the mythology

Sheep cannot be separated with mythology. Can you remember about the Golden Fleece?  Moreover, it is also used in sacrifice in different religions.

Facts about Sheep

Facts about Sheep

Are you interested reading facts about sheep?

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