10 Interesting Respiratory System Facts

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Fascinate the people around you with incredible information about respiratory system facts that they never know before. Respiratory system is one of the main systems of human being. Without the good respiratory system, you cannot breathe. Your lung should come in great health if you want to breathe the air. Most people ruin their lung condition by smoking. Here are some facts to consider about respiratory system:

Respiratory System Facts 1: Definition of Respiratory System

Can you tell me what respiratory system is? This system is responsible to the intake of oxygen to the body. The carbon dioxide will be produced as the waste.  It will expel from the body through your nose.

Respiratory System Facts 2: Respiratory Organs

The breathing system will be done if your organs are in good condition.  The parts of body included as respiratory organs are nose larynx, throat, bronchi and lung.



Respiratory System Facts 3: Respiratory Tract

Respiratory tract is a term used by the scientists to refer the organs involved in the breathing process.

Respiratory System Facts 4: Lung

Many people living in a metropolis area have a severe lung condition because of the intake of toxic air. Lung is the primary organ that you need to take care. Without this organ you cannot take oxygen and release carbon dioxide.

Respiratory System Facts

Respiratory System Facts

Respiratory System Facts 5: Blood Cell

Red blood cell is important in the respiratory process in a human being. Without red blood cell, it is hard for the body to pick the oxygen from the lung and spread the oxygen to the body cell.

Respiratory System Facts 6: Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide is produced as waste after the red blood cell spreads the oxygen on the cell of body. The red blood cell will collect the carbon dioxide and take it to the lung. When we exhale, the carbon dioxide will be out of the body.

Respiratory System Facts

Respiratory System Facts

Respiratory System Facts 7: Trachea

Can you tell me the function of trachea in the respiratory system? It is used to filter the air that we breathe before it reaches the bronchi. Trachea sometimes is called as windpipe. Maintain the health to avoid any disease. Read lung facts in details.

Respiratory System Facts 8: Division of Trachea

Trachea has two lines. It is located the left and right side. The air tube used to flow the air to bronchia is located on the right side.

bad breath

bad breath

Respiratory System Facts 9: Bronchi

The branch of trachea is called as bronchia. The main function is to deliver the air to the lung. Your lung consists of more than 300 million of alveolus. The exchange of O2 and CO2 occurs here.

Respiratory System Facts 10: Disease

Your lung is subject to many infections by bacteria and virus. The most common respiratory infection is cold. There are more than 200 viruses which can affect your lung. The respiratory disease which can affect your lung since you were born is cystic fibrosis. It affects more on Caucasian people. Get the detail info by reading cystic fibrosis facts.



If you want to enjoy a healthy life without any lung cancer or disease, you need to perform healthy lifestyle. Avoid smoking because the substances in the cigarettes are toxic for your lung. Do you want to give more facts about respiratory system?

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