10 Interesting the Oesophagus Facts

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The Oesophagus Facts tell you about the gullet or food pipe. Due to the peristaltic contractions, the food can pass the oesophagus easily to reach the stomach from the pharynx. The adult has the oesophagus with the average length at 25 cm. This fibromuscular tube features the wall made of lumen outwards. The word oesophagus is derived from Greek word. The meaning is gullet. Check other interesting facts about oesophagus below:

The Oesophagus Facts 1: the epiglottis

The food will be prevented to enter the lungs and larynx because the epiglottis tilts backward when you swallow the food.

The Oesophagus Facts 2: the wall of oesophagus

The outer layer of connective tissue, the layers of muscle fibers, sub mucosa and mucosa are the components of oesophagus wall.

oesophagus pictures

oesophagus pictures

The Oesophagus Facts 3: the health conditions

There are various health conditions which may affect oesophagus. They include varices, cancer and gastric reflux.

The Oesophagus Facts 4: the symptoms

The symptoms related to the diseases which affect oesophagus may include chest paint, painful swallowing and difficulty for swallowing. There are some diseases which do not show any signs. Check facts about the nose here.

the oesophagus facts

the oesophagus facts

The Oesophagus Facts 5: the clinical investigations

There are several ways conducted by the health practitioners for the clinical investigations related to oesophagus. The CT scans, endoscopy and X-rays may be performed.

The Oesophagus Facts 6: the digestive system

The digestive system will not complete if there is no normal oesophagus. The beginning of the oesophagus lies at the back part of mouth. It ends up at the stomach via the diaphragm. Look at facts about the ear here.

the oesophagus normal

the oesophagus normal

The Oesophagus Facts 7: constriction

There are 3 points of constrictions that oesophagus has. One of the points is likely to be damaged when a person swallows a solid object or a corrosive substance.

The Oesophagus Facts 8: esophagitis

Esophagitis is a term used to call the inflammation of esophagus. There are several causes of esophagitis such as food allergies, medication, corrosive substance, infection, and reflux of gastric acid from stomach.

the oesophagus images

the oesophagus images

The Oesophagus Facts 9: Barrett’s esophagus

Barrett’s esophagus is developed due to the gastric reflux. The risk of having esophageal cancer is increased once a person is diagnosed with Barrett’s esophagus.

The Oesophagus Facts 10: Esophageal cancer

Esophageal cancer is divided in two types. The first one is adenocarcinoma which affects the columnar tissues or glands of esophagus. The people who live in developed countries have more risk of developing this disease. Another type is squamous cell carcinoma which can be found in Iran and China.

the oesophagus

the oesophagus

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