10 Interesting Lung Facts

Tuesday, June 24th 2014. | Human

You can find out the detail about one of the important organs in human body in Lung facts. Lung has a very crucial function. It will transport the air from the bloodstream to remove the carbon dioxide when you breathe out. Find out facts about lung below:

Lung Facts 1: vertebrate animals

Vertebrate animals are the animals which have spines.  Most of them are equipped with two lungs.

Lung Facts 2: living on lung

Many people find out that a human being can live with only one kidney. What about our lung? Does it have the similar rule with our kidney? Many experts state that human being can live with one lung. Even though it can limit the physical ability, there are some people in the world who have to live with one lung. They just seem normal. Find out kidney facts here.

Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer

Lung Facts 3: size of the right and left lung

The size of the right and left lung is very different. There are three parts that you can find on the right lung. The left lung is only equipped with two lobes. Compared to the right lung, the left one is smaller in size.

Lung Facts 4: lung capacity

The lung capacity of each person is different.  The ability of the lung to absorb oxygen is based on the capacity of the lung. You can do regular exercise if you want to increase the lung capacity.

Lung Facts

Lung Facts

Lung Facts 5: air

Every day, it is estimated that each person can breathe 11,000 liter of air. In a minute, an adult can breathe 12 to 20 times when they get rest.

Lung Facts 6: health lung

Maintaining the health of a lung is very important. You need to avoid smoking because it can damage the lung. If you want to study more about lung, you need to read books about pulmonology.

Lung Pic

Lung Pic

Lung Facts 7: Asthma

Asthma is considered as the common disease which affects the system of human lung. The people find out that it is very hard to breathe when you have an asthma attack. The airways of the lung become narrow which make you unable to breathe normally.

Lung Facts 8: Pneumonia

Pneumonia is much more dangerous than asthma. When you have pneumonia, the lung is not capable to absorb the oxygen from the air. Other diseases which can damage the lung system include bronchitis, emphysema and tuberculosis.

Lung Real

Lung Real

Lung Facts 9: lung cancer

Another hazardous disease which can lead into a fatal death is lung cancer. It is one of the leading killers for the American people for both men and women.

Lung Facts 10: Smoking

Smoking is not a good habit because it can increase the risk of having lung cancer.   More than 90 percent of cases of lung cancer are caused by smoking.



From all ethnics and racial groups, the ones prone to lung cancer are African American people. Do you have any suggestion on facts about lung cancer?

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