10 Interesting ADHD Facts

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Many people do not know the real ADHD facts. They have a stereotype when talking about ADHD. They think that the one buzzing with pent up, bouncing off the wall and unfocused energy suffered from ADHD. This condition can be diagnosed in childhood as well as adult. ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactive disorder. If you are interested to know more about it, look at the facts below:

ADHD Facts 1: medication

ADHD cannot be cured by using medication. But you will need medication for the treatment. To reduce the effect of ADHD, the closest people can make the patients stay organized. They can tell them to give more priority to their life.

ADHD Facts 2: emtoional support

The patients with ADHD need emotional support from the parents, brother or even sister. The people have to give them the constructive ideas to pass the life.



ADHD Facts 3: high energy

You are wrong if you think all people with high energy have ADHD. Sometimes, the patients are very quiet while in a group. The self control strategies are needed for the ADHD patients.

ADHD Facts 4: paying attention

Not all of the patients with ADHD have trouble when they want to pay attention to the other people’s explanation. They just do not have any capability to give full attention on the right thing when people make an elaborate explanation.

ADHD Cartoon

ADHD Cartoon

ADHD Facts 5: popular person

You should never think that people with ADHD must be in low society. There are several ADHD people who become popular in the class. Sometimes they make people impressed with the funniest jokes.

ADHD Facts 6: Intelligence

Don’t relate any intelligence of people with ADHD. This condition has nothing to do with ADHD. There are many people who worked as firefighter, professors, housewives, or even businesswomen live with ADHD condition. There is no influence of ADHD to your intellectual capabilities.

ADHD Facts

ADHD Facts

ADHD Facts 7: short term memory

Most people with ADHD have a short term memory.  It will be hard for them to remember the short term memory. It will be easy for them to remember the childhood than the meeting in the next five minutes.

ADHD Facts 8: healthy routines

A healthy routine is not easy to do for the ADHD patients. They usually have problem to maintain the sleeping and eating pattern. To keep their life healthier, they need to have schedule about the eating, sleeping and exercising activities.



ADHD Facts 9: different ADHD condition

When the patients with ADHD face different responsibility through different times, they condition appear differently.

ADHD Facts10: a scheduled life

To make the ADHD patients more focused in their life, they have to be an organized person. They need to understand the strength and weakness to create a good job in their life.

ADHD Patients

ADHD Patients

As I have stated before, ADHD cannot be cured. People have to face it as a long life condition. It will affect many aspects of life such as relationship, school, work and home. Do you want to add more facts about ADHD?

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