10 Interesting Muscle Facts

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Let me explain the Muscle Facts if you want to know one of the important parts of human being. Without the muscle, the heart will never keep beating. It is also responsible for the physical movement of human beings. Here are the facts about muscle for you:

Muscle Facts 1: what is muscle?

Can you define muscle?  Muscle is available in animals and human beings. It comes in the form of a tissue. The main function of muscle is to generating motion and force.

Muscle Facts 2: tendon

The hard bones are connected to the soft contracting muscles through the tendon. Can you imagine if the tendon inside the body is broken?

Muscle Body

Muscle Body

Muscle Facts 3: types of muscles

If you are interested to learn about muscle, you have to find out the type of muscles. Actually there are three types of muscles. Those are smooth, cardiac and skeletal muscles. Human being owns 650 skeletal muscles.

Muscle Facts 4: the purpose of muscles

Muscles have some purposes. It is used for physical movement, maintaining posture, and movement for the internal organs.  The physical movements that human beings normally do are eating, walking, sitting, standing and many more. The movement of internal organ includes the movement inside the body, pumping the blood, digestive movement and heart beating. Find out muscular system facts here.

Muscle Human

Muscle Human

Muscle Facts 5: name of muscle

The name muscle is taken from the Latin word.

Muscle Facts 6: types of skeletal muscles

There are two kinds of skeletal muscles. Both are slow twitch and fast twitch. The main function of the skeletal muscle is to control the action and movement of human being.

Muscle Pic

Muscle Pic

Muscle Facts 7: Slow twitch

Slow twitch is a type of a skeletal muscle. The color of the muscle is red because it contains a lot of protein. This muscle gets the energy from carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Muscle Facts 8: training

The people who are interested to work out the slow twist muscle can do cycling or running. You can focus on the aerobic sport.

Muscle Skeletal

Muscle Skeletal

Muscle Facts 9: Fast twitch

The skeletal muscle type II is called Fast twitch. It comes in white color. The muscle contains little myoglobin.

Muscle Facts 10: training on muscle type II

If you want to train the fast twitch muscle, you can do strong sports such as weightlifting and anaerobic exercise.

Muscle Facts

Muscle Facts

Do you know that our tongue contains 8 muscles? Please comment on facts about muscle?

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