10 Interesting Bones Facts

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Bones facts are helpful for those who want to learn about bones and the importance of bone for the body. To make you fully understood about the bones, find out the ideas about bone facts below:

Bones Facts 1: baby bones

In reviewing the facts about bones, you need to understand about the bones of baby. What you need to recognize is that a baby has around 300 bones. Most bones will fuse together. Later they will have only 206 bones when they are adult.

Bones Facts 2: bone computation

Some of you perhaps have heard about human computation. It has the notches of wolf bone. The first evidence actually is found in France around 30,000 BC.

Bones  in a box

Bones in a box

Bones Facts 3: dinosaur bones

You may recognize about the fact that a dinosaur bone is firstly found in Sussex around 1822. Yet, the first recognition about dinosaur around the world is in the year of 1841.

Bones Facts 4: feet bone

You should know that around quarter of the human bones are within the feet. Any of you should have recognized about it. So, what do you think?

Bones Buried

Bones Buried

Bones Facts 5: skull and cross bones

Skull and cross bones are very familiar among people. Yet, do you already know that the bones used there are thigh bones?

Bones Facts 6: the longest and smallest bones

The fact is that the thigh bones are the longest bones within the body. If it is about the smallest bones, you can recognize that stapes bones in middle ear are the ones.

Bones facts

Bones facts

Bones Facts 7: scrimshaw

Scrimshaw is the technique in crafting over whale bones. The largest bone ever known is the upper lip bone of blue whale.

Bones Facts 8:  sheep knucklebones

There is a fact that sheep knucklebones may be used for the dice in the ancient Greek and Romans.



Bones Facts 9: famous proverb

Well, you may recognize about a famous proverb such as “a dry bone is never licked”. This kind of proverb is very popular among people out there.

Bones Facts 10: walrus bacullum

There is a fact that in the year of 2007, people have gathered to visit an auction of huge size of fossilized walrus bacullum. People commonly call it as penis bone.

Human Skeleton

Human Skeleton

The need to understand the facts about bones is very important. Therefore, you should learn more about it. Find out more facts about bones on animals for deep review about bones.

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