10 Interesting the Simpson Desert Facts

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The Simpson Desert Facts will tell you the information about the fourth largest desert in Australia. The desert spans in Queensland, South Australia and Northern Territory. This red sandy plain and dunes take the record as the largest sand dune desert in the world. It covers the area of 68,100 square miles or 176,500 km square. Check other interesting facts about the Simpson Desert below:

The Simpson Desert Facts 1: the longest parallel sand dunes

Do you know that the longest parallel sand dunes in the world are located in the Simpson Desert?

The Simpson Desert Facts 2: the height of sand dunes

The height of Nappanerica, the largest sand dune in the desert is 40 metres. The sand dunes located in the west to the eastern area have varying heights from 3 m to 30 m.

the simpson desert pictures

the simpson desert pictures

The Simpson Desert Facts 4: the first European visiting the desert

The first European person who saw the Simpson Desert was Charles Sturt. In 1844 until 1846, he explored the desert.

The Simpson Desert Facts 4: Ted Colson

The first non-indigenous person who rode a camel to cross the Simpson Desert was Ted Colson. He did it in 1936.

the simpson desert facts

the simpson desert facts

The Simpson Desert Facts 5: Cecil Madigan

Cecil Madigan was the person who coined the term Simpson Desert to call the large sand dune. He was inspired from the name of the president of South Australian branch of the Royal Geographical Society of Australasia also known as a geographer, philanthropist and industrialist in Australia. Do you know that the Simpson washing machine company was owned by Simpson?

The Simpson Desert Facts 6: Dennis Bartel

The first white man who successfully explored the Simpson Desert alone unsupported was Dennis Bartel. He walked alone in 1984. He got water by drinking from the old aboriginal wells. He completed the journey in 24 days by reaching 390 km.

the simpson desert

the simpson desert

The Simpson Desert Facts 7: the roads

The Simpson Desert does not have any roads to cross. However, you can find tracks in the desert, which include the QAA line, Rig Road and French Line.  Check facts about Sahara Desert here.

The Simpson Desert Facts 8: tourism

The Simpson Desert attracts many visitors. They like to visit the desert during the winter season.

the simpson desert pic

the simpson desert pic

The Simpson Desert Facts 9: the popular landmarks

The popular landmarks located in Simpson Desert include Poeppel Corner, Approdinna Attora Knoll, and Purnie Bore wetlands.  Get facts about the Mojave Desert here.

The Simpson Desert Facts 10: Poeppel Corner

The Northern Territory, South Australia and Queensland meet at one point called Poeppel Corner.

the simpson desert 2007

the simpson desert 2007

Are you impressed after reading facts about the Simpson Desert?

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